Disabling Google feed on home screen window

Hey Everyone,

I have a Nexus 5. The way I have my phone setup is that I only have one screen. So you can't swipe left or right. All my icons are located in the home screen if you call it that.

However, somehow there is a new screen to the left. It's basically the google feed screen. I don't want this here but when I try to go and disable it there is no option. If I want to disable it from being beside the home screen. I go to Google app, settings, your feed and then there is suppose to be a toggle with "Your feed". Then you just slide it to take it off. But there is no option for that on the top. The first option is data saver.

Is this something new with Google and that we can no longer turn it off?


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I'm thinking it's baked in to the Google home launcher app, nothing you can do about that.
Have you tried other launchers?
Nova launcher prime is what I use and never looked back

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Sounds like Google Now cards, which I think you can turn off in Google settings.
I'm having this same exact problem. I have a Nexus 5X and last night I suddenly have a new news feed screen that is always there when I swipe left. I haven't figured out how to turn this screen off. Have you figured out how to turn it off?

As far as a "launcher" goes - what is that? Why do I need a launcher?


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A launcher is your display screen, which you can customize by installing a different launcher. I recommend Nova launcher, but there's many in the play store...