Disadvantage of 2.3.6 in i9000

Hi. Right now I'm still using Android 2.3.3 (from Kies) on my SGS i9000. My friend told me to upgrade it straight to 2.3.6.
Though I'm tempted to do so, I want to know what is the disadvantage/downside of 2.3.6 compared to 2.3.3. Just to make sure that I won't regret my decision if I decided to upgrade it.
Thank you.


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i dont thing that improved battery life and performance is a disadvantage B-)

Ha ha, thank you for your response, sbnaul.
So, conclusion is there is no disadvantage of upgrading the system to 2.3.6, right?
Is there any complain about the WiFi or signal in 2.3.6?

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I'm running the leaked JW1 (2.3.6) ROM on my GT-I9000M with the Bell Canada KG3 Modem and CSC.

Had to modify build.prop to make it a Canadian phone and changed references of GT-I9000 to GT-I9000M.

Only issue so far is that the ROM is missing the XT9 T9DB directory.

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I've been running this ROM for a few weeks now and the only major problem I have now is that the phone boot loops on occasion.

There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it.

I may do a full reflash and see if switching some system apps to user apps was the cause.

Other than that, it's been great.


no major problems with 2.3.6. most stable since 2.3.3 imho. just try it - you can always go back. much the same as 2.3.3 so your call.