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Support Disappearing Memory - not adding up

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by blackandroidph, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. blackandroidph

    Thread Starter
    Jan 5, 2012

    Jan 5, 2012
    I guess a lot of people have the memory issue, but for me, I don't even know where its going. I have android 2.2 HTC Desire. No special task killer etc etc.

    Here's whats on my phone memory:

    Flash player 12.85
    Contacts Storage 12.18
    facebook 8.85
    Gmail 3.34
    google search 1.04
    HTC Sense 2.69
    Iris 1
    Jeannie 1.33
    Lookout 4.55
    Mail 1.06
    Maps 10.69
    Market 6.29
    settings 1.07
    supertoolbox 2.54
    talkback 3.01
    twitter 3.27
    youtube 1.29
    Total space taken 77.05

    alleged total space of phone 148
    Should be left 70.95
    Actual remaining 18MB

    There's nothing else major on phone memory listed, other than a few kb. Where on earth is it all going? I can't install anything! A few days ago I couldnt even text. Is there any way to find out where its going and if its all just "uninstalled" stuff, can it be cleaned up? I clear cache all the time so its not that. Gmail set to synch 2 days only. I love this phone, but this internal memory thing is really annoying :/

    Please don't tell me to root it, I want to find out where android is going wrong and fix that.

    EDIT: I think I have discovered or rather rediscovered the issue. It doesn't matter if your apps are on SD card or on your phone, instead of reserving space equal to the size of the largest app (which is what it allegedly does)...its reserving space for every individual app. This cannot be app data or cache as I keep both of them empty. I've calculated and it does check out. For every SD uninstall, almost same amount of memory freed up on phone memory as well. This makes the ability to shift to SD card possibly redundant or less useful.

    I doubt anyone is listening to this and I doubt anyone is going to fix this in android. If everyone has to do something the phone wasn't meant to i.e. root it, that means you really need to do something about it. I'm quite fed up and frustrated over this. First, I cannot get gingerbread properly and now this. Only saving grace is the audio bug for outgoing calls for iPhone.

    Edit again:
    When you move an app to SD part of it stays in internal memory and "disappears". That's what they mean with "application data". That's where its all going. Anything else thats adding up here is probably just coincidence. App2SD+ fixes it I guess, have not tried.



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