Randall G

Jul 21, 2017
This is driving me crazy. I connect and disconnect from various bluetooth devices many times during the day. Every time I disconnect from a bluetooth device, my phone switches to silent (not even vibrate). This is a huge problem because I am missing important calls and messages.

How can I make my phone stay in Sound Mode even after disconnecting from a Bluetooth device? I see nothing in the settings that will allow me to do this. I'm using Android 7.0 on a Galaxy S7.

Thanks for any help.
What phone do you have? And what Bluetooth device?

I would suggest trying Tasker which will let you automate commands based on actions. So you could create a task that, when you disconnect bluetooth, your phone should always exit silent mode (enabling bluetooth will enter silence mode I believe).

It costs a few bucks but worth it:

If you have a Motorola phone you could try this:

But if you have another maker then it will be incompatible with your device.

Let us know if you try either of these and if they work for you!