Discover not available in AT&T stores anymore?


I have been thinking about getting the Pantech Discover for a while now and I was just the other day going to go to the AT&T store to finally take the plunge and purchase the phone. When I went online to check the stock, it now looks like none of the stores around me have it in stock anymore. I checked some other zip codes in other states, just out of curiosity, and got the same thing. Could this possibly mean that maybe Pantech is coming out with a new phone soon or if not, does anyone have info on what this could mean? I would hate to order the phone online and the next week find out that it goes on sale or something similar. Thanks!!



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I got mine a couple months back from Walmart online for $1 so it may be getting pulled for a newer product. Actually, Walmart still has it although it's now 1 cent with a renewal. Looks like that may be the only way to get it now.