Discretion, a 3D RPG: Valentine Sale now on!


Valentine sale: Discretion is now available for 99c (~0.73 Euros / 61p)!

A story-focused Role-Playing Game (RPG), Discretion follows a young noble thrust into the danger and intrigues of life at the court of King Assam. The King is busy waging a protracted war against his neighbours to the east, the Kingdom of Denia. With a young, popular and ambitious Queen, perhaps he is too busy... enter the world of Discretion and take part in the story.

Free demo and full version are on the Market (search for Discretion).

QR code, screenshots are on the official website.

  • Accessible game-play designed specifically for mobile gaming: play at your own pace
  • Mature and compelling storyline with multiple unique endings: 15 hours of replayability
  • Fully 3D world with 10 different areas
  • 4 character classes
  • Combat system with 48 unique special abilities