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Disparity in WIFI strength between devices - MXQ OTT box

Discussion in 'TV & Video' started by earls78, Mar 1, 2016.

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    Hi guys, I've had a flick through the forum and can't find a similar question but apologies if this is a common request for help. I've been using XMBC/KODI for many years through my laptop without issue so thought I'd treat myself to an android box to save swapping HDMI's overt all the time. My problem is my WIFI speed. Speed test (download) through my phone/laptop is pushing 190mbs (new virgin superhub) whilst through my android box I get, wait for it, about 3mbs. What's that all about? Anything I can do rectify or do I just need to pay a bit more for a decent box?

  2. FreddTV

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    The cheaper boxes have WiFi issues... have you tried using a cat5 cable? My MXQ Pro does pretty well on WiFi but does great connected directly. You can use a WiFi repeater that has an ethernet port on it to solve this. It will cost as much as the box though...just for thought.
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