Oct 1, 2019
I have a Redmi Note 5 pro, I installed Pixel Experience Plus rom, Android 10, everything works fine, except for one thing. I don't get any notifications of incoming calls when. It doesn't wake up from sleep mode when a call comes in. I mean, it is just a black screen, no sound, nothing.

I called myself from another phone. Even when I double tap during the incoming call, there's nothing.

I mean, one out of ten calls comes through but it shows some random number even though this number is saved in the contacts.

Any suggestions?
reboot, yes I tried it, also I checked if everything was on, I mean all those "show notifications on the lock screen" things etc. I didn't do anything, no updates, nothing. I believe it was always like that. I installed the rom a long time ago, and I just didn't use the phone.