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Displaying Chinese, Korean and Japanese Language in the Music Player

Discussion in 'Android Media' started by oxipod, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. oxipod

    oxipod Member
    Thread Starter

    Apr 17, 2010
    Hey guys, I'm thinking of getting an Incredible when they come out but I was just wondering about displaying languages in the music player. I have a Nokia E71 now and it can't display korean or japanese in the music player, all the words come up as boxes and I've been reading how the same occurs in Android 1.5. Is this problem fixed yet on 2.1?

    I know it might not be a big deal for some but it really is a dealbreaker for me and will probably push me towards the iphone if it doesn't support the languages. Thanks!

    P.S. While we're on the language subject.. does android support texting in chinese? and if so, is it with the IME where you draw out the characters? rarely text in chinese but will be nice to have anyway


  2. EbbingTide

    EbbingTide New Member

    Jul 24, 2010
    :( I'm running Moto Droid X 2.1 and I believe this problem still exists. Hoping that it will be fixed in 2.2. I guess this is what you have to accept in a open source platform. I'm not aware of a solution to this problem yet. Would love to hear from others out there who know of a workaround. Tried downloading all sorts of different media players including Double Twist, Real Player, MixZing etc. They all experience the same issue. The reason Google isn't addressing this right away is that if you are running a true Chinese version of Android like they do in handsets they ship for the Chinese market, they actually do not experience this issue. It only happens for the English OS when it tries to display Chinese font in media players.

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