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Distinguish your Xiaomi is real or fake

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ArsenDizem, Jan 11, 2017.

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    We have been receiving reports from market that people are selling refurbished phones as new Xiaomi phones. To avoid the fraud, you can check if the Xiaomi phones are brand new, refurbished or fake imei on the official website of Xiaomi.

    1. Make sure the imei on phone and the imei on the box are matched

    (1). Enter *#06# on the dialpad to find your IMEI.

    (2). Go to Settings -> About phone -> Status to look up your S/N.

    In case if the imei in phone doesn't match the imei on box, that must be a problem phone.

    Link as below:


    Because Xiaomi is China Brand, the result maybe in simplified Chinese

    2.1) If it shows 官翻机 in the result as shown in the pictures

    means it is a CPO phone.

    2.2) If it shows "Your Imei doesn't exist, please verify and enter again" in the result as in the picture, that means it is from an unknown source. It is not original and not brand new

    2.3) If it shows Chinese Character without 官翻机 in the result as in the picture, that means it is an original and official brand new phones

    Those Chinese characters only showing that it can be verified and is authentic.

    All phones from Xiaomi, no matter it is warranty or parallel exported / International spec or China Spec, can be verified as above.

    Although it costs you a bit time to check, still I think it’s a good way to check and make sure you buy from reliable seller!

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