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Ditched my stylo for the Note 4

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Ardaz87, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. Ardaz87

    Ardaz87 Member
    Thread Starter

    Best thing ever done.

  2. n1nj4Lo

    n1nj4Lo Android Enthusiast

    I had a Note Edge that got stolen, then I was cheap and got the stylo, for 50 bucks on ebay cause it was google account locked and I bypassed it, best and lowest price I ever paid for a phone, let alone a current gen phone, I was getting tired of the Note Edge's lag, which was stupid since it was technically a Note 4 but that was even faster then the Edge for some dumb reason. LoL
  3. Ardaz87

    Ardaz87 Member
    Thread Starter

    Lol ... Don't get me wrong love the phone hate the dev for it.... Cause there's none.... I rooted and had a ROM running within 2 hours of purchase ... About to flash DU ROM...stylo is great but .... Note 4 is better ....the s pen is great to .
  4. DB225

    DB225 Well-Known Member

    Was there a point to making this post?
  5. Marty_Since87

    Marty_Since87 Android Expert

    To let us know the Note 4 is better and has better dev support lol.
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  6. Dorian2kx

    Dorian2kx Member

    We all know the note 4 Is better
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  7. NullaVisus

    NullaVisus Newbie

    Note 4 probably is better but not everyone can just ditch their stylos and move on lol
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  8. Revenant Ghost

    Revenant Ghost Android Expert

    No, there really wasn't. And at least we Stylo owners don't have KNOX to worry about.
    #8 Revenant Ghost, Mar 11, 2016
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  9. xyourxhighnessx

    xyourxhighnessx Android Enthusiast

    Get out!
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  10. n1nj4Lo

    n1nj4Lo Android Enthusiast

    I'd ditch mine for a Note 4 too and gee I really wonder why it has more development, anybody wanna trade a Note 4 for a G Stylo!!?!!? C'mon anyone, it's newer than the Note 4 and has a 200Gb microSD in it. haha :D
    #10 n1nj4Lo, Mar 12, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2016
  11. ThePhizzle

    ThePhizzle Well-Known Member

    Good for you,very wise choice, LG Stylo is nothing but uneeded, unwanted frustration and headaches, with so many problems with its software and next to nothing you can do to smoothen out the rough edges the only thing i see to get rid of the malfunctions is to get rid of the device,I hope you enjoy your new device alot more then you have with the Stylo Trust me i know from experience;my stylo had more bugs in it than a sega dreamcast, have a pleasant time with your note 4!
  12. Sept1967

    Sept1967 Android Enthusiast

    My GF ditched her Stylo for a Nexus 6. But it wasn't the phone. It was the carrier fault - MetroPCS.

    I still have it unlocked. It is a great phone for the price , was $100 at the time. I would rather use an LG product then MOST all other budget phablets. Her Stylo had no problems, ever. It took other phones a long time to catch up with the 2GB/16GB configuration the LG had from the start. And now it gets marshmallow too?

    A Note4/Nexus6 is a different class phone, different price range. The Stylo gives you a lot of phone for the money. Also a current T-Mobile band 12 device.

    PS notice how they raised the MSRP on the phone just because it came out in white? big whoop
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  13. WeeWilly

    WeeWilly Android Enthusiast

    I pre-ordered a Note 4 when it was first announced. As I recall it cost $750, although Samsung was offering a $200 rebate for pre-orders. It was a very good phone but I began to wonder why I needed a $750 phone. I eventually sold it and bought a Moto X Pure Edition. That, too, was a very good phone but I wondered if there was a less expensive phone that would suit me just as well. I tried and rejected several relatively inexpensive phones with large screens (I'm an older guy with less than perfect vision). I'm currently using the LG G Stylo and, so far, it's been all I need. It works great as a phone, the screen is fine for me, and I can make quick notes with the stylus which is all I ever did with the Note 4. The phone has 16GB of internal memory. That's not a lot of memory for app storage, but I don't need a lot of apps on a phone. The LG G Stylo is proving to be a great phone for the price. The only thing I'm having a little trouble getting used to is the location of the power and volume buttons.
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  14. Sept1967

    Sept1967 Android Enthusiast

    My old eyes need a larger screen too. Im looking at a Pure Edition also, but when the price makes me not ignore it. The 16GB versions just hit $299.....waiting for 32GB or 64GB versions to follow when the 2016 model comes out.
  15. joe71

    joe71 Android Expert

    My wife is currently waiting for the note 6 to arrive. She uses a note 4 as her work phone and currently uses a Samsung Galaxy prime something as her personal phone her note 2 only holds a charge for two hours.

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