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DIY 3D printed case (Galaxy ace)

Discussion in 'Android Accessories' started by Marmelada, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. Marmelada

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    Hello everyone,

    Im new here and I apologize if a thread like this already exists, but I couldnt find one.

    I have an oportunity to make a custom case with a 3D printer, but my problem is that I dont know the dimensions of the phone or case. The only ones I found were the ones on the specifications (W,H and D).
    Also, Im not so comfortable with doing measurements myself, since I only have one chance, thats why I decided to look for existing 3D models, but I couldnt find any.

    Designing the looks and printing the case would not be a problem, I just dont want to end up with a case that wont fit my phone.

    So I decided to take a look here, if any of you ever tried something like this or knows of someone who did and would be kind enough to share any useful information, I would really apreciate it.


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