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DL30 Bugs - Fixes & Updates

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ecc444, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. ecc444

    ecc444 Member
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys as we are all flashing DL30 now I am seeing all kinds of posts popping up about DL30. Thinking one post of bugs, fixes and updates would me better than sorting through all the posts.

    My findings:
    1) I LOVE the new address book! I use Outlook for my contacts and have 800 contacts ... on di09 the "groups" wouldn't group so I basically had 800 names to scroll through. With DL30 that has been fixed so now my Outlook groups sync to Google Cloud groups which sync to SF groups. e.g Now I have "doctors, hospitals, colleagues, friends" etc etc and can call or message from the group I am working in.

    2) The SF seems to be less "laggy" in general but I have had a few GPS errors. It's only happened once and maybe it was the area I was in but I lost signal and could not lock back on until I pulled out the battery. This happened in di09 quite often.

    3) Gmail 'pinch to zoom' doesnt work as another user pointed out on a different thread.

    4) The "stay awake" mode has disappeared. (used to be under APPS>DEVELOPMENT) That was the option that allowed the device screen to stay on while plugged in to the charger. Even in the desk cradle mode the screen times out. I hope I can find a fix for this because I like having my SF always on while driving and plugged into my ProClipsUSA car cradle/charger.

    5) Settings/Notifications bar has a few added options. Screen rotation and Mobile data on/off

    6) Screen time out options now EXCLUDE 30 minute time out

    Damnit ... I had a few others but just got distracted by a phone call lol. Feel free to add your pros/cons

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  2. grin0048

    grin0048 Well-Known Member

    I just flashed superclean earlier today and it looks like incoming text messages are not working. Anyone have any bright ideas? :rolleyes:
  3. saps

    saps Extreme Android User

    What radio you got. SMS works fine for most of us.

    To address ecc444's yeah the myself of the stay awake removal is odd and I too wish that was at least an option.
  4. ecc444

    ecc444 Member
    Thread Starter

    Found a good app .... ScreenOn .... actually may be better than the former 'always on' option
    SupraLance likes this.
  5. grin0048

    grin0048 Well-Known Member

    I'm on dj05...yeah, I hadn't seen any reference to problems with sms...very annoying. I guess when I send text messages people only receive a blank message.
  6. grin0048

    grin0048 Well-Known Member

    So last night I flashed the di01 all in one package and forgot to put the dj05 modem back on...yep, I'm an idiot :p.
  7. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Android Expert

    Well glad you figured out your issue. :)
  8. saps

    saps Extreme Android User

    Hey we've all forgotten to do something at one point or another.
  9. noroth

    noroth Member

  10. karib

    karib Android Enthusiast

    Hey, the first step is admitting it,lol. We ALL do our share of idiotic things around here :D
  11. Rick S

    Rick S Lurker

    For anyone with gps issues...heres what ive found...Ive done many different gps tests and here is whats happening...if you try to turn gps on through the notification pulldown...it takes a while. If you turn gps on through settings...location and security...standalone gps...its instant. After turning gps on through settings, it will work from the pulldown every time instantly. Basically it needs to be turned on from settings for the 1st time after a reboot...then the pulldown will be instant. To test this, reboot phone with gps off, when it boots turn gps on from the pulldown...it wont lock...go to settings and turn it off then on...it will lock instantly. Like i said, it seems to need to be turned on through settings initially, then it works instantly any way you use it...hope i helped.
    ecc444 likes this.
  12. JasonRK

    JasonRK Member

    Long press on the search capacitive button doesn't bring up voice search. Flashed the untouched DL30 and Superclean, same behavior.

    This is good, I haven't seen an exhaustive list anywhere.
  13. ecc444

    ecc444 Member
    Thread Starter

    sounds like a plausible theory! I'll try it out ... thanks
  14. ecc444

    ecc444 Member
    Thread Starter

    To add: If you use the pull down menu to activate GPS it does not lock on (as mentioned) but if you pull the battery out it will lock on instantly when it boots back up. An obvious Samsung bug ... yet another one
  15. Rick S

    Rick S Lurker

    no prob...works identical on mine and my fiances phones...glad to help
  16. ecc444

    ecc444 Member
    Thread Starter

    Ok, well like I said it is a great theory. Makes sense that you have to "agree" to the terms when enabling GPS through settings and VZW prob doesn't want users by-passing that by using the drop down menu. However, my GPS still will not lock on. I even pulled out the battery and rebooted ... still just "searching for gps" .... I knew I should have got an iPhone :rolleyes:
  17. karib

    karib Android Enthusiast

    Does the Iphone even offer GPS?

    I just flashed Dl30 superclean today and everything loaded fine... but a couple times now it has frozen on me to where I can't really do anything. I was reluctant to switch as my phone was perfect, now I'm wondering if I made a bad move...
  18. djb28

    djb28 Android Enthusiast

    I was freezing up too with the clean rom. I just fixed it an hour ago by using the bloated Leak version. Just flash it over top of the clean rom. Everything is great now.
  19. karib

    karib Android Enthusiast

    I will do that if it happens again. Good to know I can flash it over without wiping data. Which rom do we think the majority of people are using? I thought it was superclean...
  20. ecc444

    ecc444 Member
    Thread Starter

    Discovered my issue. My initial GPS search could not be a "recent destination" ... I had so speak a new destination, after which I could search recent destinations. Hassle!
  21. djb28

    djb28 Android Enthusiast

    Im not sure what everyone is using. I assumed Super Clean, And then spent two days wiping and starting from scratch on the phone trying things to obtain it. I dont know why my phone wouldnt work with it. Im over it now!

    . I finally said, Hey what happens if.. And it worked. I didnt wipe data or anything. So that problem solved. I have it backed up and i am going to try one of Nits themes.

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