DNA Accessories review


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Don S

Android Enthusiast
Nice job. I have all of what you have (except for that neat car magnet). I agree with all of your assessments in your review.

I will say that I liked the Diztronic case, and for $12.50, you can't go wrong, but I am now using the Body Glove DropSuit case. I thought from the pics that it would be thicker, but it is actually thinner than the Diztronic. More importantly to me, the power button is so easy to press on it withe the Body Glove case now. I can't get over just how nice that is in daily use for me. The Diztronic was ok when hitting the power button for me, but the Body Glove is so much better in that regard.

I have 3 of the DT-910's also, love them :)


Android Expert
Thanks for the video review!

I purchased the POS Verizon case, and returned it before I left the parking lot! What junk! I can't believe a case leaves marks on the phone... I get a case to keep marks OFF of my new cell phone, not to make marks on it!

I agree, I know some don't find it a big deal but I treat my phone like a baby and want no marks on it. Granted when I had the black DNA I was able to wipe the marks off when a little pressure but still that cannot be good for it.