Do HTC release new models too fast?


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I mean, HTC seem to throw out new phones every 10 minutes. I admire the way they are pushing technology, but as a consumer it is a little frustrating to know that if I buy an HTC Desire today, HTC will have probably released a better version in about a months time. It is also very confusing for consumers having multiple handsets released almost at the same time - HTC Desire, HTC Legend, HTC Incredible...etc etc

Am I the only one that feels this way?


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The rule of thumb with technology is that whatever you buy will be superseded by a better model in about a year's time. With HTC this does seem a little sooner, but it's not really an issue... if the HTC Desire has all you need then it doesn't matter if a better phone comes out in a month really, does it? Unless you always have to have the latest toy :D

If you wait for the better model with technology then you will be forever waiting, because a better model is always just around the corner..


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I agree that new technology should be pushed and they should release a great new product when they have one but personally I don't see that much difference between the handsets that HTC make, occasionally there will be a great new product like the Desire but then they'll release something that is just slightly better.

I don't really care though, as long the phone does what you want then it's OK.


They do seem to release phones fast tho, but then again I don't keep tabs on non android devices so don't have anything to compare against


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They really have not released that many phones. Lets just look at the snapdragon processor ones. Resason I say that is they make a full lineup of phones from entry lvl-higher end for android. With the snapdragon they have released only 2 phones so far with a third coming early next month. But when we look at them the Desire is the only one being made for a wide release. The Incredible is a Verizon exclusive phone and CDMA, so it will not work in most of the world. Next month we have the EVO which will be a Sprint exclusive, also a CDMA phone.
So in 3 months they have released 3 phones but 2 are locked to carriers and in a format that most of the world does not use. And 1, which also happens to be the first, that is being made for worldwide use and distrubtion.


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they do. and it annoys me not because i must have the latest toy, but because i worry that they don't pay enough attention to any particular model. if they had released fewer models, they could have supported each one better imo.

I'm a new HTC owner after years of Nokia, and I already am hearing horror stories about the horrific lack of updates. For me, my desire is still half finished until I get Froyo on it. But it sounds like I have to run out half my contract before I do.

Had they released fewers phones, then the same number of workers could have put more love and care into the desire, and we would get the update sooner.


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Nokia really arent much better at supporting existing phones before moving on to the next software wise.

Which ever manufacturer, there will always be the blame game between manufacturer/OS creator and networks as to why there is a delay.


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I mean, HTC seem to throw out new phones every 10 minutes.
Am I the only one that feels this way?

Slight exaggeration, but I do understand what you mean as I was in a dilemma as to which phone to choose when i went for my Desire.

I see no real difference apart from either buttons (being real or touch) or screen large/small

going from a perfectly great HTC Touch 2 to a HTC Desire I see no major changes apart from shape/size, they both do the same apart from APPS that is available for the Android market (please forgive me I am not an android expert at all - i have been and (maybe) always been a microsoft phone user - but do like andriod

At least htc do update their phones more often than any other but all in all yes i think maybe they do - just like nokia?!
4 different phones all work the same, what was the difference, "case", "logo" i dont know!

I like htc.


Compared to others i don't think its that bad.
The majority of releases are high end with significant differences. Users benefit from the amount of support from xda and sites such as this.
Samsung are the worst. They try everything to at least compete with apple, yet they forget about them once the purchase has been made.


I'd say they're all pretty similar and it's obvious that releasing new phones is more important to phone manufacturers than supporting old phones. Supporting old phones encourages you not to upgrade, while encouraging you to upgrade is how they make their money.

Apple is a bit of an anomaly because of the way their product is structured, but even then they have a slow release schedule and a few new features won't work on old models forcing you again to upgrade.

The benefit of an Android system is its open nature - even if the manufacturer loses interest in a handset you can bet there will be a small community of knowledgable users supporting it, which is more than you're guaranteed to get elsewhere.


Nokia always used to be releasing lots of different models every few months. HTC do seem to be doing this, however lets take the Desire. The one which really beats it is the EVO 4G which isn't widely available. The rest of the devices are filling niche markets, and being aimed at different users, styling, size etc. So therefore they are trying to cater for everyone and gain a good foothold in the market. As Android uptake is on the rise they will want to utilise this.

As Apple is more "I am Apple, this is the ONLY device you need" type attitude I can't see them releasing more than one a year.

Similar with Nokia, they bring out different phones for different people and I think thats what HTC are trying to do.