Do I have 2 Maps applications installed?


The last update to File Manager included an applications manager too. It enables you to backup* and uninstall applications.

On the applications list 'Maps' is in there twice, both 4.3.0 installed on 2010-07-06 and both 4102KB. Would I actually have two copies installed? I'm not that keen on the idea of uninstalling one to find out for obvious reasons!

*this seems to put them onto the SD card which is quite useful


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It's possible. I while back I realised I had voice search installed twice on mine as I'd installed it via apk and again from the market.

I think Maps came preinstalled with the phone and you may have added it again at some stage. The date it gives is the date the app was last updated (which is why they are identical).

I would try uninstalling one. You can always get it again from the market if it disappears.