Do I have a SpeedTest issue or have they changed it?


Android Expert
On the version that's on my DX and has been for quite awhile, prior to sending the ping it does a little blip, blip, blip around the screen and searches for the Strongest Closest server to me.

I have all my GPS toggles enabled on my new Motion.

SpeedTest only gives me a list of servers in the center of the country and midwest. (I'm in North Central Fla.) The closest one is over 800 miles away and the pings are over 100 ms. I think that's giving me wonky speeds results too. (?)

Why is SpeedTest not searching and finding a closer server?

Thanks in advance,

Bruce in Ocala, FL


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I can't answer your questions, but I can verify that SpeedTest works as usual for me, so I don't think anything about it has changed. I just ran it and it correctly located the nearest server [Los Angeles], automatically with no input/selecting on my part, and normally ran the speed tests.

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling it?