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Do i need to unroot before going to sprint to upgrade?

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by SMALBA, Apr 23, 2012.


    SMALBA Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I'm going to Sprint to buy the new nexus and was wondering if I need to unroot my EVO 3d before going in. I'm not trading it in just keeping it.

  2. falconey

    falconey Android Enthusiast

    Heck no. Sprint doesn't care if you're rooted.
  3. momentoid

    momentoid Android Enthusiast

    No. Your account will be switched to register GNex and activate it. Nothing to do to your current phone. You could leave it at home, unless you want Sprint rep to transfer your phone-contact list, which you could do yourself.
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  4. falconey

    falconey Android Enthusiast

    It wouldn't matter if he/she was bringing the phone in. Sprint doesn't care if you're rooted.
  5. momentoid

    momentoid Android Enthusiast

    In this case you are correct. I was pointing out that the old phone is not needed to upgrade.

    However, Sprint may void the warranty if you take a rooted phone for some other maintenance service.

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