"Do Not Disturb" question


Just got my first smartphone: Moto G5+ (Android 7.0 Nougat). I would like to set the phone up so that the phone only rings when I get a call from one of my contacts; else, the call goes to voicemail. I thought I was doing that when I set-up Do Not Disturb >> Priority Only>Calls from Contacts. My ringer volume is turned up to 100%. If I do a test call from my old cell phone, the call comes in but there is no sound. I would have no way to know a call was incoming. Under the conditions I described, shouldn't an incoming call ring the phone?


Is the number you're calling/testing from in your contacts? If so, you're right, it should be ringing. Double check the settings you've selected in 'do not disturb', make sure 'contacts only' is ticked. Also double check that a ringtone is set. Seems like something is not set up right.

I don't use that function so none of that be right.