Do these instructions make sense? Please help with SGH-M919n


I have a situation and before I take the advice I was given, I wanted to check with you to see if it is sound advice and makes sense. The situation is as follows:

I cracked the glass on the Galaxy S4. The LCD was fine and the touch screen was still working perfectly. It was purely cosmetic, but I love my phone and got it fixed at a cellphone glass repair store for $85 in lieu of going through insurance for $179.

Since I got it back I've been having some issues with the screen responding to me. Sometimes it doesn't respond at all and I need to put it in sleep mode/wake it up to get it to work and other times it is way too sensitive, wherein I try to scroll through my Facebook app and instead of scrolling it opens every picture. Still other times, it works just fine. Very weird and very annoying.

Anyhow, I called the shop and they suggested that I reset the phone to its factory default settings and that this would probably fix it. But before I go ahead and reset, then reroot, reflash recovery, reinstall every app, my launcher, desktops etc. (a whole helluva lot of work) I wanted to ask you, does this make sense? Will this actually work? Is there any other way to do this? (Ive already used the Calibrate" function and it had no effect) Please let me know before I spend a tremendous amount of time possibly for nothing.

Happy holidays, all!


You could use this app to test your touch screen
There is no harm in trying the factory reset method. Just backup your user apps and data. Be selective in what you reinstall to prevent reoccurrence of the same problem.