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Do you guys LIKE your Eris?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by johnbrain, May 31, 2010.

  1. johnbrain

    johnbrain Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Maybe it's a silly question, but I have serious envy of my wife's new Incredible and I am not upgrade eligible until November. I can get my hands on an Eris for $100. I currently have an Imagio which is a damn good phone but I like all the apps available for Android.

    Is it worth buying the Eris to tide me over? I have heard mixed reviews of the OTA 2.1 upgrade but all in all is it fast and really functional? The demo in the store seemed really quick actually.

    I appreciate any insight.


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  2. Podivin

    Podivin Android Expert

    Go for it.
  3. Shnuddy

    Shnuddy Well-Known Member

    I <3 my eris
  4. MongolStomp

    MongolStomp Android Enthusiast

    Definitely get it, especially after the 2.1 it's quick and I love it. And of course you then would have access to all the great apps in the android market
  5. roth140

    roth140 Newbie

    i think i hate my eris as an actual phone. i accidentally call people from searching my phone book. i hold a name to view the contact info and it calls. i hit the END CALL button and it glitches and redials the person.

    its great for web and apps but the phone interface kinda sucks. ive had two eris's (1.5 and 2.1) and they both do it.

    also, after a gmail contacts sync, it merged my sister Jen and my friend Jenny, in to one mega contact. my sisters fb pic, jennys info and phone, but Jens b-day. i had to delete the entry and fill them out individually. weird.
  6. rdalev

    rdalev Android Enthusiast

    No more incredible envy, since 2.1 ! Better lookin' phone too !:cool:
  7. I do love my Eris, but I'd go for something more up -to-date, like the Ally
  8. Flyphoenix

    Flyphoenix Well-Known Member

    I love the eris. I actually had a choice between the eris and the inc. I don't care for the inc's design. They are the same but one is a faster and newer.
  9. mikey517

    mikey517 Member

    I was happy with my Eris on 1.5....I'm happier with it on 2.1....bet if you can pick one up for $100., and it's a good unit, and you use it 'till upgrade time...you may think twice about spending more cash for to upgrade. JMHO:)
  10. alprazolam

    alprazolam Android Expert

    Personally...I really like the phone. To add to it, I rooted mine and now run a much faster Eris than ever before. It was like getting a new phone all over again.

    If you can upgrade for that price, instead of paying full price for another phone, then go for it.
  11. zutmin

    zutmin Well-Known Member

    Easily the best phone I have ever owned. I am on 2.1 leak 3 and have no bugs at all. Phone is fast and smooth. I did get two Eris' for free with my "new every two" & buy one get one free offer, but. I would still pay $100 for this phone in a heartbeat.

    Sent from my Eris using Tapatalk
  12. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra=

    Yes it is.

    And welcome to the forums, Brian.
  13. gotweed

    gotweed Well-Known Member

    Let's put it like this.....if I was able to make little baby phone eris's with my eris.....and not catch a std ...I would ;)

    Sent from my Eris using Tapatalk
  14. JSHAF

    JSHAF Newbie

    I had the same issue, but I found the Call Confirm app on the market. Greatest thing ever. Yes it adds an additional button to push to make a call, but no more calling people when I didn't want to.

    Oh, and YES. Love my Eris.
  15. Strutzone18

    Strutzone18 Newbie

    Call Confirm is one of the best apps I've downloaded.
  16. msjulie

    msjulie Member

    Well you're in the Eris forum so likely the results are positive - mine came off ebay, I didn't want to be locked into a contract if I didn't find myself using the data plan enough; worse case try to resell it..

    Instead, I've rooted the OTA 2.1 update, got a mild bump in speed with an overclocked kernel and added wifi tethering and it's pretty cool. Love Navigation too. Agree that the contacts/favorites UI is less than perfect, I sometimes accidentally call favorites when I don't mean to but mostly it's ok. Until the newer faster phones can be rooted, this is pretty good. Agree it's a better looking phone (to me) than many of the newer and faster ones.. so don't be afraid :)
  17. Eris_2.1_2010

    Eris_2.1_2010 Well-Known Member

    I like my Eris alot. It's my first smartphone and its super fast for me. I got mine free in January with verizons price match, its still free at letstalk.com. Got my refurb today since leak v3 was causing issues and now I'm possibly gonna root it. :^)

    Sent from my Eris using Tapatalk
  18. bjf88

    bjf88 Android Enthusiast

    DO EEEET! I l...u..r..v my Eris.
  19. smokestack

    smokestack Newbie

    i love mine
  20. jdarrt

    jdarrt Newbie

    I don't like my eris, I love my eris. Sure it has a few bugs here and there but what phone doesn't. I came from an LG enV touch so that's not saying much but I have used an iphone, played with the incredible, kin's, palm pre. Eris is still a much more solid phone to me and now there are 2 home replacements that make it fast as lightning(LauncherPro and ADW) so I am pretty much set for a while.
  21. Familyguy1

    Familyguy1 Android Enthusiast

    Dude, whered ya get your avatar!?

    Love the eris. I was going to get incredible, but with a 1-year plan... eris was cheaper by a lot then Incredible.
  22. moviemngr

    moviemngr Newbie

    very good phone. Take care of it and read these forums for help often and you shouldn't be too disappointed
  23. AlanJames1987

    AlanJames1987 Newbie

    I do really like my Eris after the update to 2.1. Unfortunately it still won't run applications like Google Earth because of the weaker processor. It is definitely worth 100$ but I would not buy it just to throw it away five months from now.
  24. dbzeris

    dbzeris Newbie

    I liked mine before I rooted it, but after rooting I love it. Like alprazolam said it can be overclocked to run faster with root. I think for $100 and root you would have an excellent phone that would be close to an Incredible. Plus with root you can choose from numerous ROMs, not just the stock 2.1 ROM that comes standard on the phone and customize it anyway you want. However, root is not for everyone.

    Also, by the time your upgrade rolls around the Incredible will be old news. By November Verizon will be rolling out something fancy for the holidays. My $0.02 is regardless of whether you root, either stay with what you have or get the $100 Eris to tide you over til November.

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