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Do you HAVE to register your phone/product?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by nychiee7, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. nychiee7

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    Hello there. :) I'm a new Android user, and I have no idea as to whether or not I should register my phone [ Samsung Galaxy S2 ]. I tried doing it at first, but then it wouldn't work, it said to put in my HEX/MEI # and the date of purchase. I did all, but for some version it still doesn't work and says the same thing under it except in red print.


  2. general eclect

    general eclect Android Expert

    G'day nychiee, welcome to Android Forums! :hello: There's a forum especially for the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 here: Samsung Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile) - Android Forums where you'll find other T-mobile customers with Galaxy S2s who should be able to sort out your problem. If you like I can move this thread there, or you can post a new one there yourself. Make sure you take a look at the Lounge where there are discussions on most things non-Android. Here's hoping you enjoy your time here.

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