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Do you like your Indulge?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ickster, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. ickster

    ickster Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I see a lot of people are Lurking but only a few are posting.

    Did you buy an Indulge?
    Do you like it?
    What are you doing with it?
    Do you regret buying it?
    How does it compare to your previous phone?
    Did you get any accessories? Which ones?
    What Apps do you plan on loading onto it?

    I was told by one store manager that he sold out in one day.

    So I know there are a few more peopke out the that have this phone......

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  2. most stores initially only got between zero and six phones, so it wouldnt take much to sell out the first day.(I reserved mine the day before and got one of the stores 6 phones).

    I'll be happy once I'm able to root the phone and get full control of it.
  3. nickrussel

    nickrussel Well-Known Member

    ditto for me, I agree with Mike. I'll be much happier when we finally root this sucker. Metro+Samsung... I gotta give 'em that... they've done hell of a job to prevent us from taking over the phone. My preliminary research left me unaware of the difficulties rooting Samsung Galaxy series and the whole NAND lock thing. Stores around where I live had very few units the first few days (not sure it's any different these days, either - not a lot of metro subscribers are ready to shell out $400 plus tax plus, plus...)
  4. Silvist

    Silvist Android Enthusiast

    I think the up and coming campaign I just saw will. Snoop dog is gonna market this phone lol for metro.
  5. for shizzle my nizzle

  6. rooob

    rooob Member

    Did you buy an Indulge?
    yeah, it's my first smart phone, so maybe i can do lot more stuff, but for now it's great

    Do you like it?
    yeah pretty much

    What are you doing with it?
    web, txt, games and web stuff, like server status, domain name, dns, stuff like that

    Do you regret buying it?

    How does it compare to your previous phone?
    my last phone was a finesse, so nothing to compare

    Did you get any accessories? Which ones?
    the car charger....it blows the battery out :(

    What Apps do you plan on loading onto it?
    everything web dev, im trying to find a RDP app, any recommendations?
  7. Silvist

    Silvist Android Enthusiast

  8. Silvist

    Silvist Android Enthusiast

    RDP as in you want to control your computer with you phone? If so check out Remote VNC Pro. I haven't tested that on Indulge yet, but on my LG optimus it worked fine. I was actually shocked out how cool it is lol.
  9. Rugburn

    Rugburn Lurker

    I like the speed of the phone. But my MAJOR problem is the battery life. In my business, I'm always having to make phone calls throughout the day. The battery drains so damn fast while talking. I'm always out of the office. Its an absolute necessity for me to use the car charger while on the road.

    First day I used it, fully charged, the battery was dead in less than 4 hours. 4 hours!!!!! The battery life is abysmal.

    I went into the store I purchased it from to buy a case. I showed the phone to several others wanting to buy one. They were all very excited till I told them about the battery life. On Metro's own website states a 3hr talk time. After showing them that, half the group didnt want it anymore.
  10. disable 4G why you dont need it and you will double the battery life. Look on the forums for how to disable LTE(4G)
  11. eddie68000

    eddie68000 Lurker

    I hate this phone.

    First, about 30 to 40% of the time voicemails are the only thing letting me know I got a phone call. For example, I get a voice-mail all of a sudden. I listened to it, and what do you know, the voice-mail says that the it was placed by the caller a few hours ago (i.e. i didnt get the call) or the day before. This morning I got a voice-mail from the day before.

    The 4G and the internet in general freeze up or don't work.

    To make matters worse, it seems that the internet application also freeze up.

    Also, I have trouble answering phone calls when my phone rings alerting me of a phone call. For example, the phone rings, I attempt to answer the phone and it freezes up. The screen freezes up when I attempt to answer. I don't get to answer my phone, and my freezes on the answer screen.

    Furthermore, I wanted to check the freeway status before getting on one day. I know you will not believe me, but, the Optimus has a better fidelity in showing traffic on the google maps than the Indulge, which is suppose to be a 4G phone!

    What I have done to try and fix the problem?

    I called in to Metro and they told me that the service in my area was working and had not reports of any problems. I told him that despite what he saw on his comp my phone has continued with the problems.

    Also, the representative told me that I should be checking the other carriers whom call me whether their service is working. He was shifting the blame on their crappy service/phone on other carriers, HA!.

    FYI. Metro does not claim to have responsibility for their phones malfunctioning. They expect you to pay the $30 dollars to replace and to try to resolve the problem. They don't waive the charge if you weren't responsible for the malfunction. Also, they claim the METRO ONLY PROVIDES SERVICE FOR THE PHONE. The representative told me that THEY ARE NOT A PHONE MANUFACTURER, thus could not be blamed, or expected to provide another phone without charge.

    I use to have ATT and they were good about backing their phones when it came to malfunctions.

    Note: I have not replaced my indulge. I am trying to figure out what to do by reading this forums. It seems that the users of this forum have not been able to anything else but sell the phone to the highest bidder. Does anyone know how I can get rid of the phone some other way other than selling it on Craigslist or some other way?
  12. mk_ultra19

    mk_ultra19 Android Enthusiast

    First off.... relax... As long as you have the receipt for the phone there is a manufacturers warranty on the phone for a year as you know.

    Second...take the phone into an actual Metro store " not a dealer " and tell them what is going on...speak with a manager and see if they can correct the problems.

    I had problems with mine... I bought mine for 423.00 w tax when it first came out and 2 months later I started losing 4g and then eventually 1x. After many calls and eventually taking it in... they replaced my phone for free..... which i presume they would do for you as well.

    Don't go in there yelling and screaming...that's not gonna make them want to help you, just be nice and tell them that you paid A LOT of cash for a phone and you expect it to work as it should.

    I got mine replaced with a new one...and it didn't cost me a penny. Trust me man... they will help you out.
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  13. tiede

    tiede Android Expert

    Oh wow. I don't know what store you went to, but that rep does not know what he's talking about. Go to a corporate store, and they will exchange the phone if it is behaving badly. Sounds like you have a faulty device.

    But I don't know how long you've been having this problem, so I am not even sure if that is still adb option for you since out sounds like you're not exactly the happiest camper at the moment. You cam also of course try a factory reset and see what happens, but I'm not holding my breath.
    Why didn't you start a thread here earlier about you're problems? I'm sure you'd have gotten those advices before things got unbearable. If you are trying to sell it, yeah, craigslist is your best bet that I know of... Or try making a price here. You never know, one of the forum readers might take you up on that offer. Just start a thread about it.

    Good luck, bro.
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  14. Krew

    Krew Newbie

    I'm quite happy with the Indulge, and this is coming from a former Nexus One owner, I sold my Nexus One and decided to buy this phone. The only issue I have with this phone is the same issue everyone does, battery. I do however love the GPU the phone has, it plays games much better than most of the other smart phones out there in the market, such as the Nexus One. The screen size is just right for me, and the keyboard is great for emulators. So all in all I love the Indulge.


    Did you buy an Indulge?
    YES, for 220 used. It had a lot of problems, so i sent it to metro Corp, and got a brand NEW one!

    Do you like it?
    It has its problems, but overall I do like it.

    What are you doing with it?
    Browsing the web, music, work emails, phone, news, basically everything I can.

    Do you regret buying it?
    definitely not.

    How does it compare to your previous phone?
    Kicks ass.

    Did you get any accessories? Which ones?
    I got the solid casing. it's awesome, I feel I can drop it and not worry.

    What Apps do you plan on loading onto it?
    ALL apps. I do all my gaming on my 360, so I dont do the mobile gaming thing.

    On another note, I'm still waiting for the OTA update. I really look forward to the update.
  16. Rominucka

    Rominucka Well-Known Member

    Did you buy an Indulge?

    Do you like it?
    I love it. It is my first smartphone and it has caused an obsession for me in terms of the Android OS and my future job. Tomorrow I start working for Verizon as a indirect sales rep. Sadly, in a month I will no longer be using my Indulge because that's when my Verizon plan kicks in. I'm going with it's cousin, the Droid Charge.
    But the Indulge is great and I've done some side-by-sides with other top phones and not only have I had no regrets, in a lot of cases I much more pleased.

    What are you doing with it?
    Dropbox, music player, GPS nav, audio recording and editing, comic book reading, standard web browsing, watch TV shows, taking pictures, video recording, display customizing, Bluetooth (no more numb hands from holding the phone), there's more that I can't think of and more I'm looking into.

    Do you regret buying it?
    My only regret will be having to sell it. I'm actually thinking of keeping it for sentimental value and maybe as a reference device, for I am learning to code apps.

    How does it compare to your previous phone?
    I had the Craft and it was DISGUSTING!

    Did you get any accessories? Which ones?
    On the day of purchase I got the car charger, two screen protectors, Samsung Bluetooth HM3500, Mobo clip-on belt pouch and the red and black case. A few weeks later I got the Acron [sic] windsheild car mount and clear case, which fell apart. Then I got a navy blue Mobo case which is very handsome.

    What Apps do you plan on loading onto it?
    I have a bunch...Bank of America, Firefox, Dolphin HD, Dr Who Soundboard, DIY Ownskin, Widgetlocker, Superuser, Root Manager, Amazon.com, Amazon Mp3, xda, Phandroid, HowardForums, AnyCut, Google Sky Map, Tape Machine, Bump, Comic X, Super Manager, TV Now, Reset Connections, Quadrant Standard, ShootMe, Yahoo Mail, Battery Solo Widget, and a few more and more to come. There were a bunch that sucked that I uninstalled.

    P.S. A few days ago I removed my screen protector cause it was smudged and scratched and it reinvigorated my love for the phone. The screen is very nice. It's no Super AMOLED but it's more than fine by me. It's a stealthy ninja now.
  17. sreum

    sreum Android Enthusiast

    Did you buy an Indulge?
    Yes I bought an indulge after being lied to about their blackberry being able to play pandora. Only other option was the indulge.

    Do you like it?
    NO! biggest waste of money. 4G worked ok for 2 days tops and then gets worse over time until no more 4G and only sometimes 1X.

    What are you doing with it?
    I took it back to the store and down graded to a real smart phone that actually works.
    Do you regret buying it?
    Yes I do. I spent way to much time on putting up with Metros excusses.

    How does it compare to your previous phone?
    If you wanted to pay the 400 for the phone to work for a week tops like it should then the phone was way better then my previous. But if i want a reliable phone that is consistant and good then it doesnt even rate on a scale of 1 to 10 with my previouse phone.

    Did you get any accessories? Which ones?
    A hard case which clips on but broke with in one week do to the many times the battery has to be pulled. 10 times worse then a blackberry. Other then that they really dont offer anything else for the stupid phone (indulge).

    After 3 months after starting with metro. I went thru 3 indulges, many hours of time wasted calling customer support, and numerous trips to the store. I finally walked away from the indulge. I went back to the blackberry 8530, had it sold in less then a week, and moved onto a different carrier.

    Metro is so stupid that they gave me so many months of free service on my 3 phones the Indulge phone service was free for 3 months. And one of the other phones had 2 of the 3 months paid free. And then the blackberry I was able to get 100 for it once they down graded me.

    So when it was all done and said I didnt even pay for the indulge. Metro paid me to test the phone for 3 months.

    For anyone who reads this. Run from metro before getting involved with them.
  18. dxh

    dxh Newbie

    Pocket cloud is the best true rdp client. I love it for remote admin work. It is not VNC, it is rdp (port 3389 by default)
  19. CarrieRawks

    CarrieRawks Lurker

    Did you buy an Indulge? - Yup from Cricket dealer - $190 out the door (replacement price w/out monthly service fee)

    Do you like it? - Seems to work ok. I've had it for 24 hours now. I see the battery is a little energy vampire and sometimes the screen freezes on me and I have to press the power button (turning on and off screen, not turning off the actual phone) to make the screen work again.

    What are you doing with it? - Phone calls, texting, picture taking and video, social stuff like Facebook and Email.

    Do you regret buying it? - Kind of. I am going to be heading into the place I bought the phone. See if maybe they can give me a replacement. The screen shouldn't freeze like that. And sometimes the keyboard lighting up doesn't work.

    How does it compare to your previous phone? - I had a Samsung Vitality. I like the speed of the new one compared to my old. I don't use the Muve Music service so having space for my apps and other files is nice now too.

    Did you get any accessories? Which ones? - Nope.

    What Apps do you plan on loading onto it? - Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp, Google+, Google Voice, Yahoo Messenger, Angry Birds (lol), SyncMyPix, Any Cut....and probably a few others I can't think of right now.
  20. confed

    confed Android Expert

    holy necro!
  21. CarrieRawks

    CarrieRawks Lurker

    Turns out my 1st Indulge was a faulty phone. Got a new one, and it's perfect...well of course except the battery life. But that is with most phones. Now to mess with settings. :)
  22. lingming

    lingming Member

    WELL OVERALL ITS ok for an metro phone its the best they seem to do but in the real world we are about 1-2 years behide
    most funny thing i was telling a friend with the same phone but on att how you can save life by turnning 4g off and the find out for some reason their 4g on and off is right their in the bar but its a nice one from metro
    Metro: We have 4G but you can never turn it off !!!
  23. rooob

    rooob Member

    Did you buy an Indulge?
    yes i bought it like 2 days after it came out

    Do you like it?
    i like it when it works, it gets stuck regularly

    What are you doing with it?
    browse, email, rhapsody, online radios

    Do you regret buying it?
    sometimes yes, i wish i knew that the battery sucked that much before getting it

    How does it compare to your previous phone?
    it wasnt a smarth phone

    Did you get any accessories? Which ones?
    car charger

    What Apps do you plan on loading onto it?
    i have a lot, games, radio, etc

    i'm just waiting for a new phone that i kinda like that comes out, i would buy the iphone if it was not that expensive, not the phone, the monthly bill.....
  24. we have rooted the phone just check the all in one root subform
    and the phone is only 200$ :p

    yeah, because the battery life sucks, and u wont have to worry about it when ur LTE radio breaks and shows LTE: Unknown.

    getting my 3rd indulge monday, i would of never wasted my money if i knew this was ur typical plastic phone with nothing to offer more than weird problems u cant fix, metro cant fix and samsung cant fix
  25. we have rooted the phone just check the all in one root subform
    and the phone is only 200$ :p

    yeah, because the battery life sucks, and u wont have to worry about it when ur LTE radio breaks and shows LTE: Unknown.

    getting my 3rd indulge monday, i would of never wasted my money if i knew this was ur typical plastic phone with nothing to offer more than weird problems u cant fix, metro cant fix and samsung cant fix

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