Accessories Do you pocket-carry your phone? Best pocket case?


Looking for an ultra-thin case that will slide in and out of front pocket with ease. Any recommendations?


Barely There from Case-Mate. Thin form factor, rubberized finish, just snap on and off. There is a similar cheaper version on eBay, but that version has the rubberized finish wear off easily just in first week of use. So far been using case-mate for 3 weeks now and it still looks new without noticeable wear. I put my phone inside my jeans pocket everyday.


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I have TEP on my plan, so I just kind of use my phone without anything on it. It's only $100 when I do demolish my phone, but having a case I agree wool prolong it's life. I just got the ones they had at best buy. Seems to be fine, but I'd recommend getting a better one. This one's wobbly and scuffs the edges.


Gel, all the way. It is halfway between a hard case and a silicone. Very protective and steamline without the "sticky type" feel of a silicone. Slides easily in and out of a pocket.


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these TPU cases look really cheap :/ I wish someone would make a TPU case for those extended 2700-3000mah ebay batteries.


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Cheap is in poor fit and quality, or cheap as in $$$$$

I can tell you the one I recommend is Cheap as in $$$$ but the quality is top notch.


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Best pocket and/or purse carrier.......a flexible Koozie :) I've been using Koozies to protect my cell phones for year and they serve 2 very important needs - protect my phone AND I always have a koozie handy to keep my beverages protected and cold ;)


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I got the same case that the guy that made the custom holder used. I bought from Amazon. The vendor that sells them on there is called Gizmo Dorks. I bought one clear hard plastic and a rubberized hard plastic. Thinnest case of ALL the cases I've used (started with Seidio, then TPU, now this). I'd say it's probably comparable in thinness to the Casemate barely there case.

I'll probably end up going naked again, though. When it comes down to it, any case that I've had on just adds enough thickness that the phone isn't quite as comfortable in my hands as it is bare naked (w/ a back skin).

I did order the OEM HTC pouch from for $14.99 (cheapest I've found online).
HTC Messenger Pouch for HTC HD2 at

It's supposed to be delivered by today. If it works well for me, I'll probably use that and just store the rest of the cases I have.


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I use the Seidio Innocase. Very nice for sliding in and out of the pocket. IMO gel and silicone cases tend to stick and they get too gunked up with dust, hair, etc.

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TPU cases are perhaps the ultimate pocket carry, play-through type cases. They don't stick or collect lint or hair.