Do you prefer strock or universal accessories?


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So, I've been using smartphones for a little over 3 yrs now, but cellphones in general, for 7 yrs. One of the things that I find a waste of money, is buying the stock docks/accessories for smartphones. They can become quite costly, especially if you upgrade your device often. (I usually upgrade my cellphone every two yrs., since on contract.) All my smartphones I've had are: Motorola Backflip, Motorola Atrix 4G, (Which I have 3 stock docks) and SGS4.

With my Atrix 4G, I have the standard, HD and Laptop docks. (I didn't pay full price for any of them and they only work with the Atrix 4G.) I spent around $250 total for all. (I love the docks) When I had to upgrade to my SGS4, I was considered buying the standard or smart dock. After thinking about my usage of them and how much they cost, I decided to buy a universal cellphone stand instead and just use the stock charging cord. I installed a dock clock app that launches when I plug in the USB cord for charging. (Looks better then the stock one that appears when docking phone to a stock dock) I paid around $7 for the cellphone stand and $3 for the app. Since I use my phone as a GPS in the car, I already have an universal IGrip dock that I've used with all my smart phones.

Universal Accessories Pros

1) Can use with more then one device and brand.
2) Usually cost less then stock accessories.
3) More functionality.

Universal Accessories Cons

1) Build quality might not be as good as stock accessories.
2) Depending on accessory, might not work well with device.
3) Gotta be careful who you buy from and counterfeits.
4) Won't unlock hidden features that the stock dock/accessory can.
5) Might not look as appealing as stock accessories.

Stock Accessories Pros

1) Made specifically for that device and some special features that only stock can launch.
2) Build quality is usually really good.
3) Looks good

Stock Accessories Cons

1) Can be costly.
2) Can only use with that device and brand.

So, what's your preference?


Since this is asking about opinions on accessories, I believe this thread belongs in the Android Accessories forum. Thanks for your understanding. :)


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Usually whatever is cheaper. But, there are so many companies online, you can get a good stock accessory cheaper than buying in a retail store.


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I prefer stock accessories. They seem to fit the device better and work better. I usual will buy the first dock when I by my device and get the 25% discount then wait until they are slashed in price and buy a few more. I got my HD Xoom speaker docks for $8 and the basic docks for $7 last time.


I just buy universal if it fits. I don't think stock would even be available for what I use. Apart from Samsung earbuds and batteries.

I bought a third-party additional battery(Bestery of Shenzhen) when I bought my Samsung phone. Turns out the after-market battery is better and offers more capacity than the original stock Samsung one, and was much cheaper. Same with the case, a good quality solid rubber one. Don't know what brand it is.

Other things like Bluetooth headsets and speakers, car cradles, chargers etc, those things are universal one-size-fits-all anyway. It's not like there some proprietary connector on the phone, like the iPhone.

When it came to batteries, I was never really too fussed about the brand....


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Stock, as in manufacturer's own-brand accessories? Rarely, although I caved on the charging dock for my Sony just for the convenience. Cases are all third-party brands (e.g. Casemate, Spigen) designed for the particular handsets so that all ports are available and they fit perfectly.


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Generic, A 'leather' usb keyboard/cover for Generic tablet, gel case & BT keyboard for N7, 'leather' flipcase for WFS & Xperia U. - all EBay/Amazon sourced. Cheap but decent quality.