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do you think the honor 5x will be a safe bet?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Sento, Jan 15, 2016.

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    one thing that really frustrates me about my nexus 4 is how there is a problemw ith apps that use camera, ie: skype causes the phone to randomly crash/reboot, so does snapchat...



    these 2 damn issues are a huge factor in why i am single today, i got so close with some girls and then my phone randomly reboot and they thought i was leaving rudely and stuff...GOD DAMN U NEXUS 4!!! and it pisses me off cus one of the reasons i got the nexus 4 was people told me it was made by google and will most likely always have good support and updates and that it was one of the best android phones.

    and these are problems that are inherent with the device and will basically never get fixed, so i was very pissed when i bougth the phone and found out about them and then it was too late too return too :( also i dont have a lot of money and my experience with phones have been very lucky between slow old iphones and broken androids.

    so do you think the honor 5x will be a safe bet? or should i just pony up for the galaxy s6? i hear they make them metal now. or should i take a chance with the nexus 5x? or will they find a way to make my life hell too?

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