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do you think there is really going to be lines on friday before opening?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sessman, May 27, 2010.

  1. sessman

    sessman Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    trying to figure out how early I need to get to the sprint store on friday, they are opening at 8...i dont care about being first just as long as i get one, i just really dont think theres going to be that many people as everyone thinks

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  2. Agent Jones

    Agent Jones Android Enthusiast

    i heard there will be people camping out for them....well atleast where i live
  3. DUBious

    DUBious Well-Known Member

    if this is going to effect how early you get up then i must say...nooo. there will be no lines. dont bother getting up early. sleep in, catch some Z's lol ;)
  4. eieio

    eieio Android Expert

  5. nickoakdl

    nickoakdl Well-Known Member

    I have a few buddies who work at different Sprint stores and they both recommended getting there at least a few hours early. Keep in mind this is most definately the nicest phone Sprint has ever had and one of the top phones out now or on the horizion, period. While this may not get iphone demand, there is a strong possibility that it will receive the highest demand for a phone outside of that.
  6. bossxii

    bossxii Member

    My guess is the pre orders will be camped out early in the AM, I'll just wait until mid afternoon and pick it up then. With 5 RS's, 4 BB's and at least 6 Sprints stores not to worried about inventory.
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  7. eieio

    eieio Android Expert

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  8. Hairydawg75

    Hairydawg75 Newbie

    It'll probably depend on location. I'm in a small town with no 4G, so I would expect very few people camping. I could be wrong though, which is why preordered at BB.
  9. mrk

    mrk Android Enthusiast

    50+ preorders at one of my local Best Buys.
  10. apollooff320

    apollooff320 Well-Known Member

    no point in camping out if you pre ordered a phone.
  11. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I think if you go to a Sprint store at pretty much any point in the morning you won't have much of a problem getting one.
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  12. sessman

    sessman Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    well i couldnt preorder because im paying full price...450 from sprint...
  13. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Android Expert

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  14. zombdroid

    zombdroid Android Enthusiast

    Since I have to work early anyway, I am going to swing by the local Shack at 6AM and see if I can score one...since they are no longer taking Pre-Orders.
  15. hopalee

    hopalee Android Enthusiast


    OMG, that is hilarious!
  16. ekt8750

    ekt8750 Android Enthusiast

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  17. Outrigger

    Outrigger Well-Known Member

    why would the pre orders be camped out when they will be guaranteed a phone?
  18. Orion

    Orion Android Expert

    I know I'm not camping out. I'm guarenteed my phone.
  19. Roman G.

    Roman G. No-Posting Probation

    Because they are nerds like a lot of us on here.

    I think there will be lines, how big I have no idea.
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  20. mak916

    mak916 Android Expert

    The lines will be huge! lol
  21. hopalee

    hopalee Android Enthusiast

    I would think that there would be lines (because there were for the Pre last year. I know, I was FIRST :p) EXCEPT for the fact that they have done pre-orders for the EVO and you shouldn't have to wait in line if you pre-ordered. So it's hard to say.
  22. spc07

    spc07 Lurker

    I actually got to use an EVO a couple days ago! Super sweet phone, just stuck in contract w/verizon till the end of the year. :( Then I will switch to sprint!
  23. Peper57

    Peper57 Lurker

    Camping out in Indy, bring your cards and lunch $money$, who needs a $10 credit when i could take all your $$....
  24. wjrandon

    wjrandon Newbie

    I have my phone pre ordered but that wont stop me from showing us at RS first thing in the morning. I want the device as soon as possible and if others have the same mindset as me then I guess there will be a line in the morning. I already know of at least one other person on this forum that mentioned they'll be showing up at the same store that I made my pre ordered with the same determination to be first out the door with the Evo.

    Too bad I'm going to disappoint him. LOL
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  25. Sherman901

    Sherman901 Well-Known Member

    I don't think in my area they will be, but I could be wrong. I underestimated the Wii release and got there like 30 minutes before Best Buy opened and luckily was number like 57 of 60 units that they had.

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