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dock/charging cradle?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kiiat, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. kiiat

    kiiat Member
    Thread Starter

    does anyone use a dock/charging cradle for their s2? if so, which one? i was looking at the EVOPower Sync one but couldn't find any reviews for this.

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  2. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Android Enthusiast

    Samsung makes one also but most will not work if you use any type of a case for protection.
  3. Janddi

    Janddi Newbie

    I got this one for my GalaxyS2 and it holds the ph with a silicon cover installed. I got it on EBay $7 or $8. I forget what the link is but google will find it.

    Zenis Standing Dock i9100


    [​IMG]Sell one like this
    [Galaxy S2 dock] Zenis Standing Dock i9100

    Good luck
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  4. dunjamon

    dunjamon Android Enthusiast

    I've gone for the Zenis one too. Hope it fits in with my silicone case.

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