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Documents To Go 2.0 Main App: Best Application for Office Documents in th Market

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by thebarbrr, Jun 7, 2010.

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    Nov 13, 2009

    Nov 13, 2009
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    Documents to Go I believe is the best on the go application for creating and editing your Office documents in the Android Market. The free version is extremely limited and only allows you to view your Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and PDF files. If you buy the full version for $14.99 you can unlock lots of features that can make this app a lot more useful. The full version allows you to create your own documents and edit them whenever you want.[/size]

    Word To Go
    Word to Go let's you do the basic functions of creating and editing Microsoft Word files. The pros are being able to edit font, like font type, and bolding underlining, and italicizing; you are able to insert tables, page breaks, comments; you can also save in 97-04 word format or 07-08 word format to make the file compatible on your computer; also has word count, zoom feature, and a send via email feature which auto attatches the file and makes it easy to email. Cons would be the small selection of fonts, not being able to insert pictures, headers and footers, or charts. Really good features overall and is great for the on the go person or for students.

    Sheets to Go
    Sheets to Go allows you to prepare spread sheets compatible on Micrososft Excel. The pros are being able to edit and format your cells and adding sheets to your spreadsheet. You are able to insert functions, sheets, columns, rows, autosum, and cell comments. The find and replace feature is also in Sheets to go which allows you to find and replace words within sheets or workbooks. You can also save in 97-04 excel format or 07-08 excel format to make the file compatible on your computer. Also has the send via email feature which auto attatches the file and makes it easy to email. The cons are that you are not able to insert charts or images to your spread sheet. You are also not able to change edit the font. Scrolling through the cells is also a little difficult since the cells are small and sliding through lots of cells takes long. Good app for editing sheets but okay for creating new sheets.


    Slideshow to Go
    Slideshow to Go allows you to edit your slideshows compatible on Microsoft Powerpoint. The pros are being able to creat new slideshows, edit the text in your slide and inserting sheets, but that is about all you can do. You can also save in 97-04 powerpoint format and 07-08 powerpoint format. The send via email feature is also used in Slideshow to Go. The cons are that you can't to much to personalize your slideshow. There is not insert feature to add images or charts, there are no themes, and you cannot change the look and feel of your slideshow. Good to begin your slideshow and view sheets, but not to finish them.


    PDF to Go
    PDF to Go is the last program in the app which allows you to open and view pdf files.
    One of the only features is the search feature where you can type in a word or sets of words and it highlights the word or words for you that are within the text.


    Documents to Go is an overall good app that delivers a lot more than you would expect and will not disappoint you. The price you pay is very well worth it and will come in handy whether it may be for personal use, work, or school.


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