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Documents To Go 2.0 Main App: The best office tool on the market!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Varking, Jun 10, 2010.

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    Jan 11, 2010
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    Application Review of DocumentsToGo + Full Version Key
    Developed by DataViz, Inc

    What is DocumentsToGo and what does the Full Version Key unlock?

    DocumentsToGo is a free application on the Android Market that allows you to view Microsoft Word & Excel files & attachments such as doc, docx, xls, and xlsx. The full version is completely free and it is a nice start if all you want to do is view files sent to you that are the types mentioned above, but to get all the features you do indeed have to buy the key to unlock them.

    The Full Version Key unlocks these features as per their "More Info" tab at the bottom of their application;

    * Adobe PDF Support ( high fidelity viewing )
    * Microsoft PowerPoint support ( view and edit )
    * Create new files on the device
    * Edit, recalculate and save changes
    * View and update charts
    * Zoom, format and send attachments
    * Open password-protected files
    * Live Folder for recently used documents
    * And much more

    There are no strings attached or any lies or deceit in these words. Everything is as it says.

    How much does it cost and is the price justified?

    When this application is not on some sort of sale, the original price sits at $29.99. This is indeed a steep price for an application and for many people, it would not be justified. For somebody who needs to be able to view, edit, send and receive these as an email often, then yes I would say it is well worth the price. Myself, I am a part time student and this application allows me to not always have to lug around my laptop to take notes. I can simply choose to take notes in a word or spreadsheet file, save them, and email them to myself for later.

    The good news though is that DataViz, Inc is a very smart company who likes money. Because of this love for money they often put their Full Version Key on sale in the Android Market for a few days at a time. Around Christmas time I believe it was down to around $14.99. I purchased the application when it was on their Cinco De Mayo Sale Special, at which point it only ran me a mere $5.55, and at that price it was just too good to pass up. During certain seasons when this application goes on sale, it is just too hard to pass up and for that I must say that yes, the price is justified.

    What does the Android Market tell me about this application?

    The Android Market tells me that over 250,000 users have downloaded this application. Of which, 9670 of them have decided to rate this application and it has been awarded four out of five stars. Right in the details portion of this application on the market where the company can write about its product, they state that over 750,000 users have downloaded the free version and that over 50,000 people have become paying customers. Of those 50,000 paying customers, 4524 of them have rated the payed for version. Most people who rated it have given rave reviews of it and it has earned itself four and a half out of five stars.

    What can you tell me about your personal experience using this application?

    From my experience, this application has earned every cent of that $5.55 I gave to them for this. The Word Documents are just like you would expect them to be on a computer. You can edit fonts, bold, italic, underline, increase indent, decrease indent, make a table of contents, comment, footnote, endnote, create new, open, close, save, save as, send as email, undo, redo, paste, cut, copy, edit paragraph style, set preferences and even check your word count in all Word Documents.

    Sheet To Go is your basic stuff as well. You can insert sheets, cell comments, and autosum it. You can format things like the number, cell and sheet.

    PDF To Go allows you to view and edit PDF Files. It also has a nice search function that allows you to type in a word or phrase and it will highlight it on the page for you.

    Slideshow To Go allows you to do most things that Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to do.

    Are there any other drawbacks or reasons to make me think twice about purchasing?

    Despite many positive things to say about this application there are indeed some drawbacks, as with all applications. Besides viewing a PDF file, there really isn't much else you can do with it. And while I know that may be reaching for something negative to say, I am spoiled on the computer with the ability to truly edit PDF files. On Slideshow To Go my only issue with the application is that I can do all the editing I want and add tons of content to my slides, but I can not, for the life of me, add a picture from my SD Card to one of my slides. Unless there has been an update recently that I havent seen, this is not an option.

    Lastly, my biggest pet peeve with this application, and apparently on the market it is the one big knock for most customers, is that when you purchase the key to unlock the rest of the applications features, it leaves two icons in your App Drawer. This is the only application I have seen that offers up a key to unlock things or go premium but for some reason can't just merge the two icons together. It isn't as if this should be a deal breaker but it does look a bit silly when you scroll through your drawer and see them together. It doesn't make sense because it is possible to hide one if the developer chooses to, and once you use the pay version there is no need to click the free version.


    All in all I do believe this application is worth the money and the developers have done a great job getting everything pretty bug free. Out of a possible 10 points, I would award DocumentsToGo Full Version 8.5 out of 10 stars. It is a nearly perfect application but there are more features that could, and should be added, as well as the ability to hide the DocumentsToGo free version icon once you have paid for it. It could be worth it to purchase at its original price, but if you are patient enough to wait for a holiday, just wait and catch this bad boy on sale.

    Thank you for your time and I hope you find this review useful in deciding to purchase or stay away from this application.



    DataViz Selected to Showcase Documents To Go 3.0 for Android at Google I/O 2010

    Upcoming features include support for Microsoft Office 2010, new desktop application with two-way file sync, enhanced file browser, pinch-to-zoom for Adobe PDF files and updated FREE version

    Milford, CT, May 18, 2010 DataViz, Inc., a leading provider of mobile Microsoft Office compatibility solutions, was included in a select group of Android developers to participate at Google I/O Developer Conference in San Francisco this week. At Google's largest developer event of the year, DataViz will be showcasing the upcoming Documents To Go version 3.0. Documents To Go is currently the #1 selling mobile Office suite in Android Market and a Top 10 paid app overall. New features being demonstrated in the Developer Sandbox on May 19-20 include:

    * Support for Microsoft Office 2010 Files
    With the recent launch of Microsoft Office 2010, mobile professionals can rest assured that they will not be stuck with a file or attachment they cannot open. Documents To Go 3.0 supports Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2003, 2007 and now 2010 files including most password-protected formats.
    * Desktop Application with Two-way File Sync
    Version 3.0 will offer a desktop application that provides Windows customers with the ability to easily transfer files from their computer to their Android-based device over a USB cable. With this application, users can select individual files or entire folders to synchronize and all updates made on either the location will be automatically synchronized and 100% of the original file formatting will be maintained via DataViz's acclaimed InTact Technology.
    * Enhanced Document File Browser & Manager
    As more solutions become available to access files on the go, Documents To Go 3.0 has been enhanced with the necessary tools to efficiently browse and manage these files on a mobile device. Mobile workers can now view, edit, create, delete, sort, filter, star, sync, backup and send files from one centralized application.
    * Improved Adobe PDF Support with New Multi-Touch Pinch-to-Zoom
    PDF To Go, which is included in the full version of Documents To Go, has been improved with multi-touch pinch-to-zoom, animated double-tap zoom, multi-page rendering, rotate page options, hyperlink support, and keypad shortcuts to make it a best-of-breed mobile PDF viewer.
    * Updated FREE Version Now with Microsoft PowerPoint File Viewing and New Live Folders
    Any Android device owner can now download a beefed-up and FREE version of Documents To Go, which allows viewing of native Microsoft Word, Excel and now PowerPoint files and attachments. In addition, the free version will also include new Live Folders to help keep recently used and favorite files at their finger tips.

    "It has been a very exciting year since we first launched our Android applications at Google I/O last year." said Ilya Eliashevsky, Android Product Manager, DataViz, Inc. We now have over 750,000 customers who have downloaded Documents To Go through Android Market and 7 new OEM partners pre-installing our solutions on their Android-based handsets. Moving forward, we feel confident that version 3.0 will take mobile Office productivity to the next level for businesses, professionals, students and casual users alike.

    Pricing & Availability
    Documents To Go 3.0 will be showcased at Google I/O, May 19-20, in the Android Developer Sandbox Booth #12. The updated FREE viewer edition will be available in Android Market and direct from DataViz within the next few weeks. The full version will sell for a limited-time price of $14.99 (regularly $29.99). Registered customers who have previously purchased the full version of the software will be entitled to latest application enhancements for FREE upon its release. The new desktop application may be sold separately.

    Documents To Go is localized in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, traditional and simplified Chinese with support for any device running Android OS 1.5 or higher. For more information, visit: www.dataviz.com/Android

    About DataViz
    Founded in 1984, DataViz is an industry leader in developing and marketing Office compatibility and productivity solutions across a variety of platforms including Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Java, Linux, Maemo 5, Palm OS, Symbian OS, webOS, Windows Mobile, Windows and Macintosh. DataViz partners include Acer, Foxconn, Huawei, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, Palm, RIM, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, ZTE and other industry leaders. For more information: http://www.dataviz.com/About

    About Google I/O
    Google I/O is a developer gathering focused on pushing the boundaries of web applications using Google and open web technologies. I/O 2010 will provide attendees with two days full of in-depth breakout sessions on the latest technologies, and informal Q&A at fireside chats. To learn more please visit: code.google.com/events/io/

    All product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.
    2010 DataViz, Inc.

    Google I/O, Google, Android, and Android Market are trademarks of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to

    Google Permissions.








  2. Varking

    Varking Well-Known Member
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    Jan 11, 2010
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    North Carolina
    Just wanted to say sorry if it looks like I spammed the system with constant updates but there were some issues with the font and for whatever reason I couldn't edit my review. Every time I went to click edit, it would come up blank and I would have to start all over, resubmit the review, and then view it to see how it turned out. I hope it all looks well now and I just want to say thank you guys for hosting this contest and good luck to all the participants.
  3. jazzmine1

    jazzmine1 New Member

    Aug 25, 2011
    I 've just downloaded documents to go 3.0 and i can't view all the sheets of a excel document. Can anyone help, please?
    Thanks a lot!
  4. jancat

    jancat Well-Known Member

    Sep 4, 2011
    Thanks for the review. I will check it out and report back here. I have been looking for a good app for excel files... like so many others out there.

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