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Documents To Go and Market via 3G problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by estevao.alvarenga, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. estevao.alvarenga

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    I don't know if this two problems are related or not, but I'm facing both when using Android Market...

    1. I have bought full version of Documents To Go 2. Then a 3.0 update appeared in the market and I started downloading it... it showed "Installing" and it's been 4 days since. I've already shut down my phone (twice) and, when comming back, there it is on Market: "Installing". After some search I discovered that after an update of D2G 2 to 3, I would need to re-buy it, so I would like to cancell this 4 days istallation, but longpressing the "intalling" app will do no more than details, with no cancel button.

    2. After the last firmware update (1 month ago - more-or-less), I become unable to download or update apps via 3G.. only via wi-fi... I've been living with it, but it's kind of annoying... does anyone had this issue? It keeps "starting download" and never really starts...

    And waiting for the 2.1 in Brasil.. :D

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