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DocumentsToGo Full Version - Is It Worth $14.99?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by popularpaul, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. popularpaul

    popularpaul Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey everyone, I am not sure how many of you have DocumentsToGo, but I had some questions. I have the free version, and it sucks a lot. It can't even open large Word files, which is what most of my Word files are. I really do hope that this is only because I have the free version. So, if any of you have the Full Version of this app, can you let us know if it is worth it?

    1. How much editing is permitted on Word, PowerPoint, and Excel?
    2. Does it open all files regardless of size?
    3. Does filetype matter? For example, will it open ".doc" and ".docx" files?
    4. Does it have any other cool features that merit a $14.99 price point?

    I am always hesitant about buying any app that is over $5. On that note, does anyone also have LogMeIn Ignition. It costs $29.99, so I would only buy it if it is super worth it. I have a Macbook, does it work as well for Macs as it does for PCs?

  2. tebower

    tebower Member

    When I got my Droid back in November, Documents to Go was one of the first apps I bought. I loved the idea of being able to edit Office docs on the phone. Nine months later, I have viewed edited (5) files on it, created (2) [which were so rudimentary, I had to recreate on a desktop], and viewed about 30. It's really not practical for anything but viewing, and the built in Quickoffice app can do that. Also, Adobe has a nice version of Acrobat for Android.

    So, long story short, it's not worth it. Anything worth editing well is worth editing on a PC.
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  3. GideonX

    GideonX Guest

    If you sign up for updates and such with them, they'll contact you when they run their $9.99 sale for the premium version.

    I ended up having to get it to view docs and xls from work since it couldn't open it on quickoffice (office 2k7?). I only use it to view, edit still occurs on a PC.
  4. dodger55fan

    dodger55fan Well-Known Member

    It can open both .doc and .docx, etc which is nice ... as for editing you can do as much as you'd expect to on a phone and sometimes more [i.e. in excel you can do functions sucha as =SUM(A2:A6)] ...this is nice for vacation/expense planning and random stuff (i used it as a mini golf scorecard once and it was awesome). As for size of files, I have not run into any problems with it.
  5. dodger55fan

    dodger55fan Well-Known Member

    ps: if you are worried about it opening your files due to size, etc then download the free version which allows you to view files but not create/edit, and test it out!
  6. shadowdude777

    shadowdude777 Android Expert

    It's worth it if you're going to use it a lot. For example, I work in a laboratory where a lot of our work is computer-based simulations. It's nice to be able to just use my phone to fire off a simulation, and come back an hour later, review it, rinse and repeat. Beats sitting around a lab all day twiddling your thumbs because you have simulations to run, but no actual lab work to carry out yet. :p
  7. jxker

    jxker Android Enthusiast

    and log me in?? it really depends how often you HAVE to access your desktop...i tried it running xp and it worked fine but if i really need access on the go, i just lug my netbook around
  8. Psychokitty

    Psychokitty Android Enthusiast

  9. Send me a PM and we'll work this out.

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