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Does 1080HD videos play on iconia?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Nadzz, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. Nadzz

    Nadzz Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have iconia for 1month. I still wonder how to play full HD 1080 videos on Acer iconia a500.
    is there any update or any player for it to work.
    Any advice/help would be than full....:eek:

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  2. splatoid

    splatoid Android Enthusiast

    I think you can only get 720p on the screen you i have been able to play 1080p but it isn't 1080p resolution. I think I use mobo player. There are quite of players out there for free try a few of them out.
    It has been awhile since i tried to play these though I just use AVI movies for size of file.
  3. MrWareWolf

    MrWareWolf Newbie

    I have literally tried every player I could find for xvid and 264 encoded mkv files.. best candidates so far are bsplayer lite and mirage. Neither can do the 720P mkv files. If u have mp4 however, it plays awesome..wonder if I can repack the 720's I have in mkv..like I used to do for ps3 to play mkv.. mobo player is OK, but not as good as mirage IMHO. I dislike the mirage interface though. Find em in Market..
  4. nosferatu_12

    nosferatu_12 Newbie

    I am also having trouble playing 720p .mkv files using mobo player and mxplayer they just show a very low fps and tried 1080p and it is awfully choppy. Gonna try mirage player and see how it goes.
  5. falcon7204

    falcon7204 Newbie

    The Iconia tab display is 1280 x 800, meaning it can play 720p videos. The best formats to use are .mp4, .m4v, and .avi. I'd recommend either .mp4 or .m4v (both are H.264) because of their superior compression and low loss. If you're going to encode for the Iconia, I'd recommend doing a search for the appropriate bit rate and audio sample rate (for my Captivate, which can also play 720p, I use a bit rate of 1500 bits per second [constant bit rate] and 44.1k audio sample rate, using .aac audio [stereo downmix]. Of course, I'm also using standard definition versions of the movies because I don't have a Blu-Ray player.)
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  6. nosferatu_12

    nosferatu_12 Newbie

    Just tried Bsplayer lite and it was able to run my 720p .mkv movies pretty well :) then I tried the 1080p file but as expected it did not run smooth at all.
  7. Valkillmore

    Valkillmore Newbie

    In my experience, 1080 is hard to get working. Even some higher bitrate 720 video can be troublesome. (stuttery)

    I prefer MXPlayer myself, and using ES File Explorer for browsing the library.
    But I found .avi (including DivXHD) and .mp4's w/2 ch. AAC work great.

    MKV's are very hit or miss, generally miss, with every player I have tried, particularly DTS audio ones. As well, some mp4's with multi-channel surround AAC streams tend to act strange, or flat out stutter. M2TS files don't seem to even be recognizable to all players I have tried.

    I would say 720 mp4's with 2 channel AAC audio are the best option for quality relative to size, and percentage of successful playback.
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  8. samjim59

    samjim59 Lurker

    A500 can not play full HD 1080P videos, but, if is H.264, base line, not high line, maybe it can be play.
  9. goehnergirl

    goehnergirl Newbie

    I'm going on a trip in a month and want to have some movies on my tablet so I don't have to take my laptop. I literally know nothing about it. I bought a 16GB micro sd card in hopes of storing some movies on there. Can someone please walk me through what to do? I would be so greatful! Thanks!!

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