Does 4.4.2 Allow You To Save Your Photos & Videos To SD Card?


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I've read multiple threads on this issue and still can't find a definitive answer. Some say yes, some say no. I'd like to update to 4.4.2 but I need to be able to save my photos and videos that I take with the phone directly to my SD Card. Does Kitkat break that ability?
I'm using a NON-rooted Verizon S4 and am currently running the latest version of Jelly Bean.

Any tips on if Kitkat breaks anything else will also be greatly appreciated, but my main concern is not being able to use my SD Card for photos and videos the way I am now.


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Yes photos made by yourself can be saved to the internal Micro SD (inbuilt storage) or your removable Micro SD.

The problems with access to a micro SD card in KitKat were to do with third party apps trying to get access to folders they hadn't created (i.e they didn't "own" the folder) for instance a third party photo editing app would throw a wobbly and be denied access to your camera's DCIM folder where it's pictures are stored. This was because in Jellybean and previous Android versions an app could access anything it liked, an obvious security risk KitKat ended that and made apps ask for permission when they were installed. Lots of apps that the developer's took advantage of this free for all, the vast majority I hasten to add legitimate apps "broke" and wouldn't work.

All this had been amended, most apps work properly as intended, you can yourself move files and folders where you want them.


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Thanks for the clarification Dyno.
I couldn't imagine having to save photos and videos to the internal memory. Hell... just a short HD video would easily take up all that space!

Are there any other major things that aren't working properly with the S4 and Kitkat that I should consider before allowing the update?

I read something about Knox and the Vault, but didn't really understand much of it. Any thoughts on that or anything else?
I had a conversation with Verizon this afternoon and addressed these questions, but of course they were zero help. All they could tell me was that there has been a patch pushed in September that took care of all the bugs from the initial 4.4.2 release back in July....and that 4.4.4 will be pushed within the next couple of months. That sort of answer and the fact that they couldn't answer the 2 direct questions that I asked them, makes me feel a bit uneasy putting any sort of trust into what they had to say.