Does .6 mm difference in thickness mean 2 different cases?


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Title says it all. The 2 models have different thicknesses. Does this mean 2 different cases? Or does .6mm not matter?

Yes, I'm a bot anal.


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I would think with well fitting cases the answer would be yes.

If its a two piece case the outer shell might be the same size and the inner soft piece might be different from phone to phone.

I am just spit balling here though.


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Looks that way, I ordered one last night and all the cases they had listed were noted in red as not fitting the ballistic nylon model.


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They had 3 or 4 diff cases already avail in store this morn when I got mine, and they all fit the nylon back...I tried them all. Ended up getting the basic one with the belt clip. I don't clip it but it's the smallest and fits in my pocket the best, and still protects the phone. Had the same on my RMHD and never had problem...darn phone was 2yrs old and looked brand new when I took it out of case this morn!!


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I bought the 64gb model today. It has the ballistic Kevlar backing. the three model phones they make all have a different back on them... Why ???

I tried on the otter-box commuter and the Incipio (spelling???), that they had, and it fit a little funny.
From what I was able to conclude was most cases will fit great on the plastic, or smooth backed phones, but may be an issue with the "Ballistic Kevlar"