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Does a program like this exist?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by numus, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. numus

    Thread Starter

    I am looking for a program that would connect to my android phone, as long as it is actively connected to my wifi network, that would let me pull up a screen on my computer and read/reply/send sms messages...

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  2. kabbie_mcfeely

    kabbie_mcfeely Android Enthusiast

    That sounds like a cool app to have. I think it would even be good if you could use the USB cable if not wifi.

    Anyone ????
  3. guitarevan07

    guitarevan07 Newbie

    +1 that sounds awesome
  4. iPhone2Droid

    iPhone2Droid Well-Known Member

    Your keywords = "my wifi network". Not sure if this is what you mean but ... Google Voice will let you handle all aspects of SMS, at its website, via your desktop/laptop, using whatever you use for a Net connection. While there is a Goggle Voice app for the Android, the website can operate independently of whatever is on your device.
  5. vincentp

    vincentp Android Expert

    Google Voice is a good option, but for people that don't have/want it, I think the OP's request is a good one. I spend a lot of time on the computer and I think it would be neat to just leave my phone by the bed charging while texts pop up on my monitor instead.
  6. dasudevil

    dasudevil Android Enthusiast

    That would probably save my marriage. Wife loves to text me and well i dont carry my phone on my hip 24/7. Im in on that app...:D
  7. AndroidEd

    AndroidEd Well-Known Member

    You mean like making a VNC connection between your desktop and phone? So like the phone's screen is on desktop? You just need an app to make the phone allow vnc connections, and vnc viewer software on you pc, and you're good. Someone needs to make it.

    UNLESS, it can be done without an app, download vnc viewer, connect you phone to wifi, and on your pc launce vnc viewer, and enter the IP address of your phone.
    Might work, might not.
    Tell me if it does.
  8. rsilves

    rsilves Lurker

    Motorola's Moto Phone Portal.
    You can connect it over WiFi (it creates an http server and you access your phone's through your browser) or over USB (didn't try it, I suppose it needs a software in the PC).
    Just search for it, the APK can be found on the web.

  9. numus

    Thread Starter

    will try it asap
  10. AndroidEd

    AndroidEd Well-Known Member

    Haha, that's it. It uses the VNC method I used.
  11. numus

    Thread Starter

    Well this program got old fast (required wifi network and all that).. anyone else have any ideas for one that might work via usb?
  12. tjbugs1

    tjbugs1 Well-Known Member

  13. jbirds1

    jbirds1 Newbie

    I would like a program like that. But I think it would be cool if you just had a program on the computer that connect through bluetooth that popped up all incoming calls and text messages. Basically would allow you to control your phone from your computer.
  14. tliebeck

    tliebeck Well-Known Member

    I've thought about adding a feature like to WebSharing, but wasn't certain that it would have broad appeal. I'm not much an SMSer, but I guess I figured people would be more interested in using things like Google Voice to do this.

    It's certainly doable to add it to WebSharing, albeit it would take a fair amount of error to implement (done right anyway). Is this the type of app you'd want this feature in? ( android.nextapp.com )
  15. jbirds1

    jbirds1 Newbie

    Yes, but wouldn't it be better to use something that connects via bluetooth?

    I would love an multipurpose app that could control your phone from your computer while it's in your pocket. This could be money for students in class and people in business meetings.
  16. numus

    Thread Starter

    HAHAHA the program IS FOR THE MOTO DROID.. htc just redid the images to show Hero... it is actually a motorola application designed specifically for the droid

    From htc link:
    Works with any OS - anything with a browser should work. Only works over wifi with Hero, no USB connection is possible it seems.

    I replaced as much Motorola branding as I could and replaced it with HTC stuff to make it a nicer experience for HTC fanboys [​IMG]

    the part about Only works over wifi with HERO ment that the Hero itself can't use the usb connection.. but the program is still the motorola application (ment for the droid actually) and usb might work onthe droid..
    I can confirm it does not work on the samsung moment either (usb that is.. the wifi does)

    I have seen a huge appeal in the many circles that i have suggested this program and/or talked to them about implementations.. one of the biggest drawbacks tho is the lack of usb/bluetooth support in any of these programs (and since the phone doesn't really do ad-hoc native and wifi uses a large chunk of battery to use)...
  17. jbirds1

    jbirds1 Newbie

    Anyone having problems connecting with this app?

    I dl'd from my phones internet and installed it. It opened and gave me a numerical website to go to. However, my computer will not connect. It times out.
  18. tliebeck

    tliebeck Well-Known Member

    Are you talking about WebSharing or the Motorola (or HTC) Phone Portal?

    If you're using WebSharing, try pressing the menu button, click "email access info" and then enter your email address. (This feature was added in 1.0.1, which was released last night, so you may need to update if you have 1.0.0.)

    Additionally on the home screen, note the "connected to Wi-Fi network XXXXX" message displayed above the web address, and make sure that your computer is also on that network.

    If none of that works, try restarting the Wi-Fi on the phone, and making sure that you're able to get to the web from the phone's own browser.
  19. tjbugs1

    tjbugs1 Well-Known Member

    OH...facepalm...I fell dumb
  20. stearic

    stearic Well-Known Member

    Program you are looking for is called RemoteSMS. It's made perfectly for what you want to do.
  21. numus

    Thread Starter

    that requires wifi also.. looking for a bluetooth or usb option instead...

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