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Does angry birds work on the mytouch slide?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lmyamen, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. lmyamen

    lmyamen Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hello, i am looking at replacing my Fiances G1. I just picked up the G2 and got the game angry birds, she absolutely loves this game haha. I was wondering since the g1 does not have an angry birds download in the market place does the mytouch slide?

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  2. Tangent

    Tangent Android Enthusiast

    I played one of the early betas of it on my Slide just fine. I just didn't like it enough to justify the 13MB footprint... Once we get 2.2 and can move apps to the SD card I'll reinstall it.
  3. Turbo Brian

    Turbo Brian Newbie

    yes, you can get it on the slide. my wife has a mt slide and loves the game. it doesnt run anywhere near as smooth as my G2 (or nexus before that) though. most of the levels are playable but some are almost like watching a slide show.
  4. hipster7929

    hipster7929 Member

    Slight lag but def works and takes quite a hit off space.
  5. trees812

    trees812 Lurker

    I can't seem to find the game the Market. Tried both searching and barcode scanner but it doesn't show up. I also tried downloading from GetJar, but it won't install saying I need more space even though I have 30MB free. How were you guys able to get yours to work?
  6. RavenWulf

    RavenWulf Well-Known Member

    here is link to download app AngryBirds_1.3.5.FULL.apk

    put on your sd card from computer and install with Astro File manager (you can get this from market if you don't already have it
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  7. trees812

    trees812 Lurker

    Keeps giving me the Out of space error: "Angry Birds could not be viewed. Free up some space on your phone and try again."

    I have over 30MB free. I can't figure out why I'm getting that error. It seems quite a number of others (on other phones) are having this same error.
  8. RavenWulf

    RavenWulf Well-Known Member

    well don't know what to tell ya other than the usual of remove some rarely or not used apps... only other things are root and install a ROM with Apps2SD or wait till TMO maybe blesses us with FroYo. am currently running FroYo with Apps2SD and love not running out of space and even when I under-clock my processor back to 600MHz with the JIT compiler built in to FrYo this game runs smooth as butter :D
  9. dredayholiday

    dredayholiday Newbie

    Angry Birds worked on my Mytouch Slide until level 1-22; after 1-22 (maybe it was 1-21) the level moved so slow I couldn't even play the game. Not sure if this is just my experience or not.
  10. bluecole

    bluecole Lurker

    It works just fine for me. I do have a lag in some levels, but I got and clear notifications, and make sure no web pages are loaded, and it speeds up.

  11. andropiro123

    andropiro123 Newbie

    Your gonna have to powere off ur phone remove the battery for atleast 20 sec and then turn it on again. Mine had the same problem, the phone becomes unresponsive and doesnt recognize the storage sumtimes
  12. shawn1224

    shawn1224 Ex CEO-DNPSEA foundation

    Do you guys get the white terrain/background/ledges as well?

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