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Does anyone have a legitimate use for using a mouse and keyboard?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Omar Days, May 3, 2012.

  1. Omar Days

    Omar Days Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    So I tried it out. Was pretty neat controlling the phone with a mouse and keyboard.

    Is there any way to connect the phone to a TV and use the mouse? Because if you can't, it's pretty useless and just a novelty.

  2. McGilli

    McGilli Well-Known Member

  3. salla43

    salla43 Well-Known Member

    i flit between my website and the hundreds of emails i have to process daily, copying and pasting text, etc. The mouse, usb adapter, kickstand and kb are on my shortlist as "must buy" accessories. Monitor, not so much. (not really portable - may as well take my laptop!) i think the screen is big enough to work with from a distance of 18inches or so.

    The only thing i am a little concerned about is the hard keypress needed to switch apps, ie moving from web to email, etc.

    (Is there some way of using a mouse button for this and scroll wheel to flick through recent apps??)

    Using gmail enables me to migrate from pc to phone without any issues, in any case.
  4. ifb-online

    ifb-online Android Enthusiast

    I can see the use of a Note as a super-compact device for presentations via the HDMI adapter :)

  5. Omar Days

    Omar Days Android Expert
    Thread Starter

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