Does anyone have a "perfect" Photon?


Is there anyone out there who hasn't experienced ANY issues at all with their Photon? The reason I ask this is seeing the way technology has advanced with our phones the last two years, I want to know if I set my expectations with this phone a bit too high. In other words, we, as consumers, expect more and more from our phones with each updated version that incorporates the latest technology and advancement. Essentially, our phones operate like mini-conputers. However, unlike computers in which we accept the occasional issue like programs freezing up in which we have to CTRL-ALT-DEL out of, what we accept as part of technology and deal with it on a case-by-case basis, in my opinion, we seem to take issues occurring with our phones a bit more personally. In other words, we seem to hold higher standards for them, wanting them to be "perfect" since we use them more frequently and on a more personal level.

What I want to know is whether these expectations that we're setting for our phones' performance are achievable or are we just looking for perfection that doesn't really exist? The reason I ask is that I'm going on my third week or so with my Photon and although I generally like the phone since buying it, in those three weeks, I've experienced several random reboots (about 4 or so), occasional freezing ups that have required a battery pull, and a few BT call failures here and there. Are these issues justification enough to exchange the phone or do I chalk it up as part of the drawbacks of owning a piece of technology that's doing the same type of tasks that my four-year old desktop computer at home can't handle? In other words, am i expecting too much to want this thing to not experience any issues and should just expect the occasional hiccup here and there? Or, are these issues something that are not normal and I should consider exchanging it.

If the above issues are considered normal, I'm seriously okay with it and can accept it as knowing my phone may experience an occasional issue here and there, I still intend to keep it because I truly do think this is a great phone. I just want to know that those issues are normal and that I really don't have a bad phone, especially since I know that despite the heavy involvement of computers with fabrication and manufacturing, and the assembly process of these devices, that no manufacturing process is "perfect" and that an occasional bad chip may sneak its way into the assemby process. If I DO fall into that category, then I intend to exchange my phone in an effort to receive my "perfect toy."

Anyone else have any thoughts about the above? Is there anyone out there who hasn't experienced ANY issues at all with their Photon?

(Before you post a reply, I want everyone to know that the above issues occurred AFTER (1) installing the latest OTA maintenance release; (2) I've completed two factory resets and formatting the internal AND external SD card; and (3) I've selectively limited the types and number of apps I've installed just to make sure that it wasn't a rogue app causing my issues. And I also experienced a few issues here and there with my EVO too when I owned it but I loved that phone just as much as this one and learned to live with them).


I have not had any technical issues.

I live in a fringe area and still have had a few problems with occasional call breakup - a little disappointing but not an issue per se.

My recommendation to you: Exchange your phone.

My Palm Pre keyboard was finally giving out, and since there was no new webOS phone in sight, I took the Android plunge, and went with the EVO 3D. It was my first Android ever, and it was a beauty/beast of a phone. However, from day one, there were a series of random reboots. I was set to return the phone, but the next morning there was an OTA update...and it seemed the problem was fixed. I was wrong, and it would continue to randomly reboot at the weirdest times (just not as badly as the first night). Like you, I tried all of the above methods to correct the issue (Factory reset, etc...). Instead, now the screen would "black out", becoming completely useless, forcing me to pull out the battery quite often. Plus, I wound up with a camera that would completely freeze up after taking only one shot...forcing me to go back to the home screen. So after dealing with this for two solid weeks, I called up Sprint and asked to be switched to the Photon 4G.

The phone was perfect, in many ways performing better than the EVO 3D...I had no problems, or so I thought. I'm a heavy texter, and rarely make or receive phone calls, so it was an entire week before I noticed a strange "bug". Apparently I could receive phone calls, but when I answered, people couldn't hear me, and I couldn't hear them. I had to reboot the phone in order to make and receive calls. After a call to a CSR (which failed to yield any results), I payed a visit to a corporate store. There they told me that this was a "known issue" (meaning this wasn't an isolated case), and the the only real fix would be coming in the form of an OTA Update from Motorola. I was able to live with this issue until a fix came. There was a recent OTA update which fixed this issue. Now, I finally have a "perfect" Photon 4G.

My point with this long ass story: I think you have some legit issues that warrant an exchange, especially since you've tried several remedies and even had a software update that never fixed your issues. This makes your phone unreliable, and for the price you're paying for the phone/contract, you should be able to depend on this equipment and not put up with sub-par performance.


While I was at our cabin in a fringe roaming area, I had a few episodes of the "sleep of death". I have had absolutely none otherwise. I have had one instance of the phone crashing to reboot. The stock browser crashes once in a while.

All in all, the phone has been stellar. My 30-day return period was up yesterday. I still have the phone.


Mine has randomly rebooted while typing a text and also while just reading a web page. I wonder if it reboots while not in use just sitting there? I don't handle the phone much, its in my hands for maybe 1 hour total per day.
Random reboots certainly do not appear normal for this phone.

I use my phone for texting, calling, camera, heavy internet use when work is slow...likke right now...and not once have I had a random reboot nor have I ever taken thebattery out...

I have had my phone since the release date of the photon btw.

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I have not had any technical issues with my Photon in the three weeks I've owned it. My back cover is slightly loose and squeaky, but both Sprint and Moto say they're out of stock so I have not been able to replace it yet. I did finally order a case, so the issue will hopefully soon be moot. Otherwise I love this phone and have no complaints.

I'd return that phone and get another if you can Flipper, sounds like yours might have some hardware issues.


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The better question would be, is there a perfect phone? The answer is no. Even the iPhone in every iteration has had a litany of problems. The thing with these forums is simply that it's a microcosm of problems made more aware because of how small the community is. Add to the fact that a lot on here know more about cell phones than average consumers and you get above average bitching. Trust me for every 10 users on here that have problems there are thousands without any problems or they can't see the problem as a problem (if that makes sense). I'm not trying to push business to Moto or be a fan boy but this is usually the case with almost every phone. I've been a phone nerd since I got my first Nextel like almost 14 years ago (I'm in my late twenties) and this is by far my favorite phone since it blends everything I need. Of course I've had minor problems and would make a few changes but that's to be expected.....but if I had many of the issues people on here have had I might be soured on the phone. It's simply the luck of the draw I think.


...we seem to take issues occurring with our phones a bit more personally. In other words, we seem to hold higher standards for them, wanting them to be "perfect" since we use them more frequently and on a more personal level.

I agree with what you're saying 100%. We do expect these hand-held miracles to be perfect all the time. My family and friends are always hitting me up with those 1:1,000,000 issues that seem to catch them at the wrong time. It also sounds like you're being very practical about your expectations and experiences.

I'm sorry you're experiencing issues with your Photon. As a Sprint employee and product ambassador for the Photon team, I've experienced occasional issues too. I just wanted to let you know I'm making note of your issues and taking back to the hw and rom teams for consideration in any future MR releases.

I can't guarantee any timeline for a fix. Keep monitoring this forum or you can check the forum at BuzzAboutWireless for official statements from Sprint about fixes, patches or updates.
Sprint Community: Space: Motorola Photon 4G

Thanks for being a Sprint customer! We really do care.


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Two Photons. One had a random reboot issue while the other is flawless. Exchanged the rebooting one with another flawless one.

The only thing the Photon is missing is Video calling (Gtalk and/or Skype). That's about it.


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... other than the above issues I've posted about, I truly have nothing bad to say about this phone at all. MOST of the time, it works flawlessly and when it does, I really do LOVE this phone. And honestly, I was really surprised how much I really liked this phone since I WAS truly an HTC fanboy before this one.

The intent of my post was just to air out my issues to see if I was being too nit picky since I have other friends who haven't complained about any issues at all with their Photons. However, I also have friends with Photons who are complaining left and right about one thing or another, which is what got me thinking that it might just be me. Since most of the time, my phone works as it should (BTW, the GPS on this phone is one par, if not better than my original EVO), if I did end up exchanging it, I didn't want to end up with a phone with the same exact "issues" which are not actually issues at all.

Again, aside from my minor issues, I truly do LOVE this phone. Motorola has really put out a great piece of hardware.

Anyways, thanks for your replies. I'm going to do a factory reset ONE MORE TIME and reformat both my external and internal SD cards. I'm going to install, one app @ a time, and after each install, put the phone through a thorough testing.
I used to have some minor 3G data slowness and battery drain issues but those seem to have been resolved in MR5. Other than that, this phone has been fine.


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Love the phone. I have had it for a month and been plagued with the reboots and screens of death. Looking for answers and holding for updates. I am going to get a replacement the next time it does either one. I read it in another thread that bugs are the price for owning cutting edge tec. I agree with the statement but we all have to decide which bugs we can live with. I can live with a reboot once in a while. I can't be pulling my battery 5 times a day while at work.


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One random reboot, but I haven't had an Android handset that didn't at one point or another. The MoPho is far more stable than my EVO 4G and is certainly hands-down the best mobile device I've ever owned.


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I have a hard time believing there anything remotely close to a "perfect" Photon, since I personally have used several. That being said if you can live with the issues, it's a great phone.


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Hummm...I dont think i have ever had a reboot....other then if i did it myself....

now the proximity sensor comes and goes as it pleases....and sometimes my fat fingers push buttons as i put it back in my pocket...(got the best shorts for holding ANY phone)

Other then that been pretty much flawless......

in fact i ran it heavy with music...both through bluetooth and wired, as well as a 40 minute tv show... and from about 4 pm (when i started work) to now 14 hrs, still has i said Bluetooth for about 6-7 hrs worth...(had to charge the headset once hahah) used the phone a few times, some texts....

great battery


For some reason it wont let me post my thoughts on this phone, saying I cant post images or links yet, but I did not put either of those in it.


I have not had any issues with rebooting or anything else that has been said other than battery seems to suck. I have rooted the phone but the battery was same before and after. I cannot stream from Iheartradio when i am at work over 3g for more than 3 hours tops with headphones from a full charge to dead in my pocket. Other than that I am very pleased with the device itself. I bought the galaxy s vibrant the day it came out last july and loved it but got tired of tmobile. I switched to sprint and got the evo 3d, after a week I returned it because of the screen looked horrible next to vibrant (color, brightness, and terrible glare) Felt a little awkward in the hand because it is a little too thick. Speaker was not even in the same zip code as the vibrant, very low volume and just no sound range, very crap quality. Call sound when up to the ear was also lees than vibrant by far. Basically I felt like I was downgrading phones. 2nd post to come


So traded it for photon, None of the evo3d issues, Everything is on par or better than vibrant other than weight and thickness but its expected because only samsung seems to be able pack these into such a thin form factor. Maybe this will help some or maybe it wont. I am very happy with my photon.


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Well, since my last post when I did the most recent factory HARD reset through the recovery menu as suggested on the Motorola support forum back on September 6th, my phone had three more random reboots that I was aware of.

Other than that, the phone has been pretty flawless. Great reception, battery life, and lock-on GPS. Not that I expect perfection from my devices but knowing that there are quite a few of you out there who have experienced NO ISSUES whatsoever, made me a bit jealous that you have a flawless device. Because of that, I called Sprint and discussed the issue with their technician and after advising me of all the possible solutions to try out (I tried all the ones suggested on Sprint's and Motorola's support forums), they are sending out a new device that should arrive by tomorrow.

Will it be better than the one I have now? Who knows. But before I send back the one I have now, I'll be putting the new one through the rigors of testing just to see what it can withstand and see if I can get it to go into a random reboot. The last thing I want to experience is exchanging my device that has a minor annoyance of intermittent reboots, for another device that may have even bigger issues.

All in all however, I have to say I've been very pleased with the phone and have no regrets whatsoever with my purchase.
I have had my photon for a week now, and frankly, I love this phone.
The only thing that has come to my attention is the internal memory in mine lists its total as 8.9 gigs... I have not researched any of this at all... I feel like the total should say 16gigs, since that is what is advertised.