Does anyone have any really AWESOME non market apps for 2.1???


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If so....please share....
What are the top 5 Non-market apps??

This might help (a little).


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And....What are they? What do they do? Why are they so good?

Swype is an alternate keyboard. It seems strange at first, but it really is fast once you get the hang of it. You trace a path from one letter to the next instead of tapping each key.

Vlingo is a voice to text app. You can use it to voice dial, send text messages or e-mails. I don't think I have explored all the possible commands to their full potential yet, but it works great.

You can search this forum for links and instructions for loading both of these. The Vlingo beta may be closed, so you may be out of luck on that one.


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HTC_IME voice to text keyboard works great, all I use now for texts is voice which is great for walking and texting, well only occassionally while driving...


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When I installed Swype, activated it, and got to the input window, it told me the app was not configured to my screen size. Tried it several times without success.

How did you guys get it to install and be functional?

I'm on 2.1.


find the thread entitled swype trial has ended wtf they you will find a box tsar you scan with barcode scanner it will give you the link instantly go there and download.then go into settings, local and text, then check the swype box. After that go to any text field and long press the text field select input method and select swype. I would post the link but I font know how.