Does anyone know how to put a digital copy of a movie on a tablet???


I have the HTC Flyer, which isn't bad, but I can't figure out how to get a digital copy onto it. A while back I bought the blue ray version of The Dark Knight and it came with a digital copy, can anyone give me some help putting it on my tablet. Thanks in advance.

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What format is the movie in? Generally speaking, you should be able to connect the Flyer to the PC and mount as a USB Drive and just drag and drop that way. That rings true for most phones, your Flyer might be different though. You might want to head over to the HTC Flyer section to see if other users of the device can assist: HTC Flyer - Android Forums


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The challenge you may run into is that while you have a license for a digital copy, you'll need to determine whether or not that digital copy can be legally converted into a format that will both fit and playback properly on the default video player of your Flyer. I don't know much about the Flyer so I'm not able to speak to the formats that it's video app will support.

Since the digital copy is DRM protected it becomes a question of whether or not you are legally entitled to convert the file into a different format. If you cannot legally convert then your option is to find a video player that will support the format provided. But... in it's default format the file will likely be rather large so you'll need to accommodate for that.