Does anyone know if RadioShack will have cases tomorrow?


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Or screen protectors, chargers, extra battery's, etc, etc..

I guess any and all accessories that you fellas have heard about or know about would be greatly appreciated. Im just trying to figure out what I can use with that $30 accessories bonus or if I will have to make some runs to BB or AT&T corporate stores tomorrow.

Thanks again guys! You all rock and im really looking forward to working with you guys in the future about all things Inspire. Great core group of posters on here so far BTW. Definitely one of the better Android forums im a part of


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I think with my $30 credit Ill get a case, and if they dont have a case, ill get a high gb sd card. I might get a car dock as well


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Idk if I'll get a car dock, but definitely getting a car charger from radioshack or from 5 and bellow for the drive home.


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It's still hard to find accessories for the captivate at radioshack. I will be surprised if I can find anything for the Inspire tomorrow.


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Nobody has any friggin cases in the Southwest Houston area. I went to 2-Best Buy's, 1-Best Buy Mobile, 1-Fry's, 1-Sams' Club, 1-Radio Shack and 2-AT&T stores and only found a handful of cases. One AT&T store did have the Body Glove in a black gloss finish but they wanted $46 for it ... Hell No

So far I've only bought a universal leather pouch.


AT&T had the body glove ($30) and the Spec for ($35), I went with the body glove and the anti glare screen protector ($15)