Does anyone know what app this notification icon is it?


Sep 10, 2020

Does anyone know what the icon is it (a flower icon)

we get this question every day.

unless you have the phone and look at it's notifications, you probably will not get an answer here. there are millions upon millions of apps, each with their own notification icons......that's a lot of icons!!!! so its like finding that infamous needle in the haystack.

so i wish you luck in your endeavor to find what the notification is, but you should just ask the owner of the phone what it is.......just saying;)
Tulip. I have no idea what it does. Might be romantic maybe?

According to FTD " A variety of multiple colored tulips symbolize elegance and grace; the pink tulips meaning represents attachment and good wishes; purple tulips meaning refers to royalty and rebirth; the yellow tulip flower meaning stands for cheerful thoughts and sunshine; orange represents fascination, happiness, and warmth; white asks for forgiveness; red signifies true love and romance; those that are almost black in color represents the heart of a lover that’s fired with passion; and striped tulips represent beautiful eyes."
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Thank you for your effort or suggestion, guys. It was from my boss's screen and she is Indonesian. I thought it was romantic app, so I am not gonna be okay to ask it directly.
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