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does anyone stand behind these claims?

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. Android Question

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    Does Casio stand behind all these milspec claims or does it all just sound good on paper? My commando got wet in my pocket at work and thats all it took. Volume buttons quit working after 2 months and now the camera, screen and flashlight are full of water. I got this phone to prevent that and I believed the bogus claims about toughness. Now im stuck with a worthless pos. Got the runaround from Verizon. Called Casio and they said they'd get back with me. Now they tell me I should buy another milspec phone? How do they make claims that aren't true then not have to stand behind them?


  2. shalemail

    shalemail Android Expert

    Hi and welcome to the forums.

    This really isn't a forum question per say. We can't repair a water damaged phone.

    That said, it sounds like you are following the proper channels to resolve your issue. I will suggest that if you are persistent with Verizon, and Casio (be friendly but firm :D) you will get some satisfaction. Ultimately neither VZ nor Casio wants you running around with a phone that does not work.

    (You can try the customer retention department at VZ, they have the power to bend the rules)
  3. raynoldsk

    raynoldsk Android Enthusiast

    Interesting READ.

    I wouldn't purchase another one. I would buy a different phone and keep it in a ziplock bag when I thought it might get wet.

    I did see in one of the spec sheets that it was "water resistant for up to 30 minutes." Not sure what that means exactly--I think it can mean whatever they want it to, including 30 minutes cumulative.


    You might want to join forums and ask other Commando users if they have experienced similar problems. Users on here are always willing to help.

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