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Does anyone use the Sling app?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mi04se1, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. mi04se1

    mi04se1 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Seems like whenever I watch over 3G, It stops so much. I never had 3g issues and Sling on my iphone (picture quality is same though). Is it the reception on the phone or is it ATT network. If its the latter, they need better 3g coverage.

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  2. crupp

    crupp Member

    I have Sling and it is hit or miss. But for the most part i have been real happy.
  3. colnago

    colnago Android Expert

    If you are saying that you've had sling running on an iphone on AT&T without issues, then its not the network if you're in the same area. I have no issues running sling on my Moto Q on AT&T, throughout the northeast (northern VA -> RI). Don't discount your router or network infrastructure as the cause.
  4. f1-cobra

    f1-cobra Newbie

    I have it and it works great on both 3g and wifi. I try to only watch it on wifi because of the amount of data it streams. I had to upgrade to the Pro-HD box because it didn't work with my original slingbox classic.
  5. mi04se1

    mi04se1 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I think its the reception on the phone itself.
  6. ric3bowl

    ric3bowl Newbie

    So does the Samsung play back in HD? Do you see a difference between using a slingbox hd vs classic?
  7. f1-cobra

    f1-cobra Newbie

    I am streaming the HD signal on the Samsung and it looks really good, but not as good as you would think it should be. It's a crisp picture, not grainy at all, but it has a hazy effect on darker background colors. The classic won't work with the mobile app so I use that one on my laptop and you can tell the difference in the picture quality between it and the HD slingbox.
  8. t-readyroc

    t-readyroc Android Enthusiast

    I've got the solo connected to my DirecTV box via component cables. Just ran it (on the Captivate) for a bit to double-check that it was still working ;)
  9. mi04se1

    mi04se1 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I only have the solo. The quality is like watching SD youtube on the Captivate.
  10. t-readyroc

    t-readyroc Android Enthusiast

    I mean, you're never going to get close to the bitrate you'd need to actually watch HD video over 3G... WiFi's a different story, I guess.
  11. I just purchased and hooked up my Slingbox HD-PRO to my parents DVR in Pittsburgh so I can watch the Steelers and Penguins games in HD.

    FYI, On my 32" LCD, it looks BEAUTIFUL in HD when directly connected to the network. My parents max upload speed it 4 Mbps, and even fast moving sports look great at with this bandwidth.

    My question is, for $30.00 is it worth buying this app for my Captivate? Has the app improved since it was originally released?

    Thanks in advance...

  12. t-readyroc

    t-readyroc Android Enthusiast

    I'm not sure that there's been any updates since I installed it. I certainly don't recall getting any update notices for it. I guess the real question is how much you think you'll use it. I personally like to have it there for just-in-case situations. I've definitely got my $30 worth out of it, that's for sure.
  13. mi04se1

    mi04se1 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I think the quality is horrible on 3g and bad on wifi.
  14. That's what I am worried about.They should really give you a 30 day trial...
  15. swayze1

    swayze1 Lurker

    I have been using the slinbox classic over 3G. The picture quality isn't good, but the classic DOES work - at least for me.
  16. If it's not in HD and of good quality, no way I am paying for the it then. Thanks for the input everyone!
  17. sremick

    sremick Android Expert

    The Captivate's screen isn't even "HD". How would you watch "HD" on a 480-line (SD) display?
  18. I know the Captivate records in 720P, but the screen is not HD?
  19. t-readyroc

    t-readyroc Android Enthusiast

    HD doesn't technically start until 720p, which is 1280x720. The Captivate's screen is WVGA; 800x480.
  20. sremick

    sremick Android Expert

    With a 800x480 screen, no. Standard-def is 480 lines. This is why it's unnecessary to use Blu-ray sources when converting videos. DVDs work just fine, and are easier to convert anyhow.
  21. What is the resolution of the video it records then? 800x480?
  22. t-readyroc

    t-readyroc Android Enthusiast

    Captivate's camera records video in 720p.
  23. So the screen can't even support the video capabilities of my Slingbox HD-PRO. No way I am shelling out the money then for the app...
  24. t-readyroc

    t-readyroc Android Enthusiast

    AFAIK, there aren't any phones on the market with HD screens. I don't even think Android will support the resolutions until Gingerbread comes out. IMO, I think you're missing the point of having the app on the phone in the first place - convenience. Resolution looks fine to me, especially for sports, which is the main reason I have it to begin with.
  25. You do make a good point. What speeds do you need on 3G for sports to look good?

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