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Nov 7, 2009
I am trying to save money right now because things are tight and I was thinking about getting rid of my cable internet and using wireless tether for my home computer. I know its not going to be as fast but money is an issue right now. I was just curious if anyone used there Droid for there internet service and how it did.
I would not advise it as the higher amount of home data usage might set off some bells and whistles allowing your provider to mess with your account due to breaking the terms of agreement. I only tether as a contingency for when my cable goes down.
No open networks around me..already checked.

Just a suggestion: Call your cable company and tell them you are planning on disconnecting service because the local satellite or DSL company has given you a better offer. I do this with Comcast just about every 6 months. You can be almost guaranteed that they will come down in price (they will probably connect you to their retention department). I save about $20 a month and when they stop giving the discount (usually after about 6 months) I start over again. If whoever you speak with says they can't do anything ask to speak to a manager. Desperate times require desperate measures :cool:
I think it also depends on how much data you use. I would agree with everyone if you use a lot of data. But, if you hardly use it, then I wouldn't worry about it. I know some people only get on their computer about once a week and use it for email only. If your one of those people, then I would go for the tether option. It's all about the data usage.
I only use it when my internet is out for any reason, and someone else needs to use their laptop here.. For myself, I just use USB tethering.
FYI - Most ISP's have an 'economy' or 'lite' plan for little money, even if it's not advertised openly. Speed will be much slower, but the price will be much lower. Ask a CSR about it.