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Does anyone with root still have stock apps?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kehkou, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. kehkou

    kehkou Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello fellow vibe users! Here is my predicament: when I first rooted I uninstalled some stock apps and moved the apk's to my computer. Then my computer went kaput.

    I also tried to fix the Google play bug using the fix posted here, following to a t, but it did not work. I then chatted online with Kyocera (I don't use Twitter) and asked if the official update was available, and they invited me to be a tester (try it!). But, due to missing apps, I am unable to apply the update that they pushed to the phone. On top of that my CU is about to implement android pay, so I will need the update to run it.

    So I ask if anyone with a rooted 4.4 vibe with stock apps or backed up would be kind enough to provide me with some of the stock apps for the vibe? Any help would be extremely appreciated.
    So far I think I need:

    Videos & tv
    News stand
    Talk (I think)
    Whatever other non Google apps it came with except that magnifier app

    For the Google apps at least, just the correct stock version numbers would suffice since they are widely available. For the flashlight and lumen and other non Google ones I just need the apks. Also, of I'm missing the odex files, will I need to acquire those as well?

    Thank you for hearing my plea.


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    Post #9 by TroyFoxxin, Aug 16, 2016 (1 points)
  3. Batman202012

    Batman202012 Newbie

    Bump, looking for them too
  4. Batman202012

    Batman202012 Newbie

    If you have root you can get these apps by using es file explorer and going to /system/apps and copying the missing apks. (Possibly all of them just for the future people who accidentally lose their backups)

    Edit: I actually don't know if this would require root because you can access the folder without root but that doesn't mean you'll have copy permission.
  5. TroyFoxxin

    TroyFoxxin Well-Known Member

    If this is realted to google play services issues.. I posted this on another thread. hope it helps.

  6. Batman202012

    Batman202012 Newbie

    Thank you for the reply, I'm going to run my phone by a virgin mobile store to see if I can explain my problem vaguely enough to get them to do a full flash of the Rom.
  7. TroyFoxxin

    TroyFoxxin Well-Known Member

    I dont know if there anything they can do directly other then replace the phone the phone with another vibe. if there willing to do that. depends when you bought it. and if u mention root, or apps missing from /system/app they may think it was rooted for themselves. thats if u run into a smart rep. lol
  8. Batman202012

    Batman202012 Newbie

  9. Batman202012

    Batman202012 Newbie

  10. TroyFoxxin

    TroyFoxxin Well-Known Member

    Sorry didn't get back to this thread. I think long as the phone boots into android, makes more sence to just leave it on the current version and just self patch it ether updating all the Google apps via Aptoide or just restoring the libpredtm.so (As talked about here) file and run Google play apps normally even updating them. Using the guide to just restore libpredtm.so has its benfits as it also replaces kingroot with supersu which I like better then leaving the kingroot stuff on the phone.

    Then can just say screw the OTA update. I mean hell I just removed the crap that checks for OTA updates. Less of a pain in the ass that way. With the google crap fixed the phones just fine to me as is.

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