Does att throttle speeds if u have unlimited data?


I was just wondering although att doesn't allow unlimited data. To those who have it because they were grandfathered in does it get throttled at a certain point like tmobile?


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son of a.... well mabye i won't fall into this 5% category considering i never get reception anyway.

This is their way of choking the snot out of unlimited grandfathered plan customes until you give in and get one of their cash-cow tier plans.

Basically, go over 2GB of your unlimited plan and you're choked not soft but suffocating.


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You have to go WELL over 2GB before they will throttle you. Think more like 10GB+

Baldilocks is right! Most wireless customers receiving a throttling notice mentioned that they were in the 9G+ usage. My guess is when some post that they hit 9G.. they may be buffering the number some and actually went well over 10G like Baldilocks posted.

And I thought "I" used my unlimited data a lot.. I cant manage to use no more than 5G per month and here I am streaming as much as can. I guess there are some power-users out there.


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I know of people who have used 150GB in a month and haven't been throttled. I don't really know when/how they handle it. Seems kind of arbitrary.