does droid need to be activated to work on tmobile


Hi. i have heard of many people having tmobile on a droid incredible 2, but does it need to be activated? thanks.


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If you have the phone now and can't get past the activation screen where it wants you to call 228 to activate it. (you can't get into any of the menus or use wifi really can't do anything when it shows this screen)
Hit call or activate, send to make the special call to setup...
Hit the button to make the call, as soon as you hear the dial tone or ringing hit end call right away , you will hear two beeps.
Repeat this two more times. Three times in all.
This will bypass that screen.
Hit Skip setup and bypass or ignore everything else out wants you to do. Don't confirm setting up anything.
Then you will be in the home screens and be able to mess with all the settings and use wifi and all the other non network dependent stuff.
You can even download apps (through wifi) if you get them from somewhere other than the market. (you can't access the market if the Google account is not setup, and don't try to set it up)
Check the box that allows for non market installation (3rd party apps)
That might help.
I don't know anything else about activating this phone on another network, other than how to bypass the activation/setup screen.
Hope that helps...


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In order to get this to work on tmobile you need to find someone who can unlock the phone. After you get it unlocked I think tmobile tech support will help getting it activated on their system.


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My first post might be a step in the right direction to be able to do that if the phone has never been activated or has been factory reset...

I remember seeing another guy with a thread on here saying he got it to work.