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Does Giro Tuneups (Skull Candy) work with Droid

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Heliskier59, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Heliskier59

    Heliskier59 Newbie
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    Has anyone tried Giro Tuneups (Skull Candy) or something similar to listen to tunes and talk hands free while boarding or skiing? I'd like to be able to voice dial my droid while it is inside my ski parka (I know BT voice dialing isn't supported) but I wonder if anyone has had success with the wired versions..

  2. dkr

    dkr Lurker

    I've just installed the latest version to date of Skullcandy's Bluetooth Tuneups for my Giro g10 helmet. I find the device to be lacking in function, overpriced and poorly designed. Bluetooth functionality is handicapped and the device is not designed for outdoor winter use. The retention clip is flimsy and will for sure become dislodged while skiing.

    Regarding bluetooth functionality, the only audio that routes via bluetooth is that generated via your telephone. Any other audio (system, browser, you tube, media player, etc.) requires you to route an additional cable to the tuneup bluetooth adaptor.

    The intention of my purchasing these wireless Tuneups was to have my EVO 4G tucked away while skiing; cable free via bluetooth. Such intentions will only be met should you use these bluetooth Tuneups solely for telephony. Again, any other source of audio requires a cable be ran from your hand held device to Skullcandy's bluetooth adapter.

    There is however a superior alternative. I stumbled upon Jabra's Clipper and it has exceeded my needs. The device is marketed as military grade being shock and water resistant and it does appear to be so ruggedly designed. The device is built so that there is enough force in the retention clip that the audio cable would unplug before the device could become unclipped.

    Also, I am able to plug Skullcandy's speakers into Jabra's Clipper and control ALL audio (includind mixzing, subsonic, pandora) on my EVO 4G (rom: Myn's warm two point two RLS3). Via the Clippers control surface, I can answer/ignore calls, raise/lower volume (of the Clipper, not hand held device), pause/play and skip tracks (forward & back).

    The volume/sound quality sounds to exceed Skullcandy's bluetooth adaptor. There is also a microphone built into the Clipper which seems to work fine with Android and can also be muted. I cannot however vouch for the Clippers battery life as I've yet tested it's duration. This could be a show stopper but the box says 6 hours talk time, so if I can get 4 listening to music I'll be happy.

    I will be returning Skullcandy's junkcheap to the store and instead will dismantle a pair of quality headphones, drop the speakers into the Giro and terminate w/ Jabra's clipper.

    Hope this helps someone!
  3. dkr

    dkr Lurker

    I think it is ridiculous that I do not have the permissions necessary to delete my own post!

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